05 June 2009

Going to Nairobi

Off to Nairobi we go. Tomorrow Bud, Elisha and myself are headed to the big city and we'll come back Tuesday. All day Monday we have things to get done. Things such as going to the U.S. Embassy for passport stuff, immigration for Elisha's dependence pass, and Gertrude's Children's Hospital for Elisha to get shots. We decided to go a few days before though so we can spend some time as a family away before teams start rollin in this summer. We're really looking forward to all the people coming. This year we'll have had almost 60 people come through. You could say it's a bit more busy than last year! Since Elisha is with us this time we'll be sure to make it to the different play places in a couple of different malls. In the newest mall there's a play place similar to McDonald's. Tuesday we'll meet up with the team of 5 coming to Kitale and they'll ride back with us. They are in Nairobi for a week right now doing ministry through a connection Jim Farmer made. Aubrey was one of our interns a few years ago and is on this team. We're excited to have her back! She always brought a lot of life and laughter around here. If I get Internet on the computer at some point then I'll post some pictures. Otherwise, I'll at least write something. Oh and you might not believe me but tomorrow is Elisha's one and a HALF Birthday!!!!! We'll go out to eat somewhere and make sure to eat half a cake for celebrating. WOW. He is growing so fast. I even cut the shag hair off of him last night. It doesn't look too much like a bowl like last time I did it. Maybe the hair place I go to for a hair cut will help him.

Just changed my mind and decided to upload pictures from today...

Lucy all cute sittin on the front porch clapping

Elisha last night, he surprised us and walked in with his daddy's shoes. He put them on all by himself! One day you'll fill your daddy's shoes Eli.

Ok, ignore Elisha's hair in this picture. I was not finished with it! He was becoming impatient last night so I had to wait for him to be in a calm mood today. That wasn't until 4pm! (Bud just commented and said "everyone has a bad haircut, his is just early in life. his hair grows fast". thanks.)

Noah's fro-hawk! Hahaha. Baby T? We'll be shaving it soon.

Noah jumping. He came and stayed the night last night. They love running around playing together. Lulu enjoyed them as well. The three of them would dance around and sing to music in the living room together.
much love,


Toni said...

Dearest Kimberly and Bud...
I have never had the honor of meeting you but I follow your blog daily! My name is Toni Steere and I am a friend of Kevin Kirkland. I have lived in San Angelo for 3 years and have just been so blessed by the Kirkland family. My son Estefan and I are getting ready to go and work at an orphanage in Guatemala City full time and as we prepare God has so used your blogs to remind us of the urgency and passion we must go with. Tonight I write to you out of great brokeness over sweet Lucy's life...and out of Hope. I have read the moving account of that first child and I want to share with you that that first for me in Guatemala was named Michelle. About Lucy's age when we met and much of the same story. Michelle was diagnosed at 4 with HIV and adopted by my parents at 5 years old. Today she is in Orlando Florida on her Make a Wish trip and she is 13 about to be 14....I can hardly believe all the miracles God has done for our sweet girl and I commit to pray for Lucy daily...IF there is anything at all we can do please, please let us know. (tlsteere@yahoo.com) Thank you for the beautiful work that you are doing in Jesus name....

Emily (from JoMo) said...

Noahs hair is hilarious! Andrea needs to see that for sure! You should try it with Elisha's :).

Aunt Kim said...

I LOVE Noahs hair! Dont you dare touch it! Pierce has the same cut, minus the fro. But his is more like a fauxhawk. Its so long you can only tell its a mohawk when i gel it up.

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