12 June 2009

a bit of an update on Friday

Well, well, well, we are having a busy but great time with our visitors this week. It's been really nice having them around. Since Aubrey knows her way around and has people she wanted to see from last time and also with Jim Farmer being part African (not really, but he's lived all over Africa and knows his way around) it has been a easy team. Sometimes we'll go out to Mattaw or do things together and sometimes not. Maybe I shouldn't write much since I'm a bit delirious from a busy day. I did just pour a cup o' Starbucks (thank you Kim, my sis n law) but I will keep it short this time.

Bud is extremely busy everyday. I can't even tell you half he does. At night he'll mention something and I'm like "you did that today?". He works hard though. I went with Lavina, a woman on the team that's a nurse, to pick up Eunice (the blind woman). We were picking her up to take her to the Doctor. We ended up taking another woman that was pretty sick and Eunice's son Alex to get tested for malaria. We found out Eunice is pregnant. About four months. That was a big surprise. Hollie was busy all day today taking four kids to the hospital for check ups and testings. There was some hard news to swallow with one of the girls but she will be better and glad we got her to the doctor. Lavina and Georgina were able to go and help Hollie with standing in line. I can't even begin to explain what a tedious process it is to go to the District hospital. You have to go through about four lines to get the final results for Tuberculosis. And it is always so busy. I am so grateful to have Hollie here! After we got everyone to the hospital it was 11pm so I went and met some of the girls in town, got some groceries, and came back with Becca to bake a cake for the birthday party today. Jim roamed around town with Aubrey and Jessica most of the day. Around three we headed out to the home and had a birthday party for Jenifer and Mercy. They were so precious and loved to be showered with love and gifts. I'll post pictures and a story about it soon. Now Bud is out eating at Pinewood with Jim and three of the girls. Hollie, Lavina, myself and the babies are here relaxing. I was so pumped I found delicious strawberries so I had to make a pound cake to drizzle the strawberries over. YUM. Love you all and here are some pictures of the late....

You like how I said it wasn't going to be long?

In Nairobi eating at Java house, taking cover from the rain! We were sitting on the patio.

My one and a half year old! Oh my.

Mercy and Jenifer

And GREAT NEWS! Eunice got her cast offfffffff!!!!!! We are SO thrilled for her. Her foot looks amazing. I was going to take a picture but where it was calloused from how she used to have to walk on it, the built up skin is now coming off so I'll wait to show you. She was so adorable when she came home. She showed us all how she can now run! She's still learning and gets a bit weak but in time she'll be running around like a child should. She just has to wear this plastic brace during the day...
Gail, Sarah and Lisa- You'll enjoy this picture. So the "cow wash" is not only for cars but can refer to a dish washer as well! haha. This is a rare thing, no worries, we don't mix kids and livestock. They're usually separate. (those are the dirty dishes in that basin that Georgina is trying to shew the cow away from)

Sweet Daisy holding Elisha

Love you all.



Emily (from JoMo) said...

Eunice Looks great! I'm glad your having a good week with your team!

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