10 May 2009

sushi! 5/10/09

I'm back from Nairobi. And a big Happy Mother's day to my mom, Denise (Bud's mom), Gamaw, Toomama, Jenifer, Lauren, Marlies, Clea, and all our friends and family that are mom's (sorry if I left your name out). And to myself. Bud remembered first thing to tell me this morning. Yesterday we got in from Nairobi on the easy coach bus. It is similar to a Grey Hound bus in the states. But its the most trusted and most traveled way of transport by road. I got home and found the house clean, our room perfectly clean including the bed made, Elisha taking a nap, Lucy and Eric happy, and Bud making Chicken Alfredo for dinner! I was shocked and happy be home to my family. Elisha must of heard me come in and quickly woke up. I went in and got him and it took him a bit to look at me. I think he was letting me know he wasn't happy I left. But I gave him chocolate covered animal crackers from Nairobi and he quickly got over it.

The trip to Nairobi was good overall, although I didn't get stuff with my passport accomplished. Oh well, I had a good day with girl friends. The day we got in, Nicole and I immediately went to the Junction shopping mall where we had Java house for dinner. (American coffee and food) We debated on seeing a movie but instead roamed around a bookshop similar to Barnes and noble. We stayed at a friend of a friends' parents house. That night Hollie and Joylyn flew in from Holland. The next day we spent the day relaxing and roaming around Nairobi. Joylyn is off on a 10 day trip to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo so she needed extra pages in her passport. Her and I went to the U.S. embassy, she was successful in getting her mission done and I was not. When we have teams in a month I'll be able to go and get it done though. No biggy... not like I'll be leaving Kenya anytime soon. We saw x-men in a very American type theatre. Bud wasn't happy to hear since he really wants to see it but trust me, it wasn't my first pick. If there would have been a chick flick showing I would of see that! But Hollie and Nickole chose it and I just enjoyed having movie popcorn and being in a theatre. I did like the part where they made Wolverine and said "for you to be indestructible we have first completely destroy you". Going from living in the world to living for Jesus, we have to have that done. There are still parts that need to be completely destroyed though. And we have to realize that we are indestructible. Our souls are saved and Jesus' blood is enough! Ok onto the rest of our adventure. That night we finished our day with an absolute wonderful meal at Onami, a Japanese grill and sushi bar. It was fabulous! It is mine and Bud's "place" but I shared it with the girls. They all enjoyed! Here are some pictures from it...

Left to Right: Joylyn, Hollie, me and Nickole

me eating avocado and asparagus sushi

my boat of sushi called "onami dream". It was pretty dreamy. It was tempura red snapper, tuna, kiwi, and veggies. Yum!

Elisha, Hollie and I stayed home from church this morning to recover from the bus ride yesterday while Bud took needs for the home out to Mattaw and joined the church. We're about to continue to our second pot of freshly grounded Starbucks coffee from London (thanks Hollie) and watch a DVD of Momma Heidi from the Heaven on Earth conference. Wohoo! (another thanks to Hollie) Hollie was also sweet to bring us yummy sweet from Holland. So if you're ever there get the stroopwafles. Also Hagel Sag (or something like that), they are chocolate sprinkles that you put on bread with butter. And pickwick tea. I am now on a month diet, not eating any sweets, in order to recover from the sweet in Nairobi and from Holland. Much love and more to come! Much love from across the big pond. Kimberly


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