06 May 2009


I was going to make an update without pictures but why would I do that when I have perfectly adorable pictures of my blue eyed baby that I have not posted!? Ok, so on to the update. Our house is slowly becoming less full. Tonight we have just Georgie, Eric, Lucy and Elisha. Tomorrow morning Georgie goes back with his dad. We're going to give it over the weekend and see how things go. Bud has been meeting with his father, Moses, and feels its the right time. We sure got Georgie plumpy and healthy to go back into the bush. Moses just remarried and the new wife is happy to help take care of Georgie. We want to do some type of in home sponsorship for the children to help support them with foods and such. Bud will continue to use Moses at Mattaw for small jobs with construction. Please pray for baby Georgie! It is sad to see him go trusting the Lord to watch over him BUT it is easy to let go as well. Lucy and Eric continue to improve. Eric is almost fully recovered from mal-nourishment. He can now run and jump, laugh and play. He is starting to learn his abc's and 123's. He found a toddler age puzzle and learned it quick. He is starting to talk more and we're making major improvements in him not stealing food. Lucy is improving a bit. She is still so weak and fragile. Today Bud got her to push one of those toy walkers. She would push it across the room and walk with it and then collapse. We have no problem getting her to eat but she is so stubborn in taking medicine. If Elisha even comes close to her cutsie pink shoes you know it cause she shrills. Today Elisha was in the most destructive mood ever. He took out ALL his nicely clean folded clothes and threw them all over his room and into his crib. He pulled out a roll of toilet paper. Took out all the plastic plates and emptied a package of napkins all over the kitchen floor. Dumped out the sugar bowl. Jumped on me roughly several times, unexpected. And also would try and tackle Lucy and George all throughout the day. We made it through though! He was still a sweet boy especially when we talked to his Nene, Grandmaw and Linda on skype video. He was blowing kisses, waving and laughing. Then tonight he peacefully fell asleep in my arms and let me cuddle with him. Tomorrow I head to Nairobi with my friend Nicole. We'll meet Joylyn and Hollie tomorrow night and stay in a friend of a friends mom's house all together. I have to go for passport issues. Bud is kindly taking care of Elisha, Lucy and Eric for a few days. (Violet will help during the day) Friday I'll get some girl time and relaxing around Nairobi... hopefully some sushi, java house (American food) and a movie. We're taking the bus there and back so it'll be a long ride. I have my ipod stocked up with new sermons and music so I'm trying to give my mind a different perspective, that it'll be a good time to listen and not have to be going, going, going all day. Ok, Georgie is crying, don't want him to wake up the others. Much love and enjoy pictures of the cutes 1 yr old, blond headed boy in Kitale! And by the way he is 17 months TODAY! Wholly smokes! That means a month from now he'll be a YEAR and a HALF! Yikes, they grow up fast.

This is him singing. He is so talkative lately! I can't understand a word he says but talkative he is. I think that means soon he'll be really talking? Oh dear!


The Beavers said...

I absolutely LOVE that middle picture of Elisha! Can't believe how white that hair is!!!

Aunt Kim said...

Love the Elisha singing picture! Hmmm, Pierce started jabbering all the time too at 17 months then came the words at 18 months. Must be in the blood.

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