10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I know I posted a blog today but that was more of a Nairobi update. I am thinking so much about my beautiful precious mom and thought since my card didn't make it on time and my pictures are not ready for her, the least I could do after all she's done for me is to post a blog just for her.
To my mom: You are beautiful. You are kind. You mean the world to me. You love much. I am blessed and honored to call you my mom. You are now a grandmother to five boys and I pray I would have a granddaughter for you one day so that we can have fun together just like you and I did growing up. You always made me feel like a princess and taught me so many things. I can not believe that now that I have my own child, I find myself doing things just like you that I thought I never would. You taught me the most basic things in life that I now use in our family. Making home made dinners for my family. Everything in the house has its place (gosh did I ever hear that a lot growing up). When cooking, clean as you go, don't wait until the end. There are SO many more. The most important that I am so thankful for is to center our family around Jesus Christ. He is the head of our house. You and Dad made sure Zach and I were involved in church every week and you were always pointing us to Jesus. There were times in my life I turned to the world and selfishness but as scripture says "train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it" proverbs 22:6. Thank you for obeying the Lord and training me up to be a woman after God's own heart. You are so precious to me. I meant it when I was in the hospital right after Elisha was born and said "thank you for all you went through to have me". (although I was SUPER emotional and drugged) I really never knew the sacrifice it took to have a child and raise them until the moment God brought Elisha into the world. The best characteristic I see in you is the most kind and tender heart you have. You really wouldn't hurt a fly and are constantly putting others before yourself. I hope I can be half as nice as you when I grow up. Oh and when I was young, I know money was a struggle at times, but thank you for always getting me the prettiest barbie dolls for me on my birthday. I would have never known money was tight because there was always much love in our family. You also showed me what a caring and loving wife looks like. What a wife and mother that prays looks like. I guess I could just keep going and going. I just love you so much. What more can I say?! Happy Momma day.

And to my son: I love you so very much. I pray for you every night and my prayer is that you'd grow up to love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind. That you'd walk humbly in the Lord but be bold to share Jesus. I beg God to give me the wisdom to train you up. Although there's a lot of kiddos around here, you're my number one blue eyed little boy. Motherhood is one of the most difficult and challenging things EVER but I absolutely LOVE it. I am so thankful God trusted me with you to be your Mommy. You are so fun and lovable! I love being your mommy. Or as you call me right now- "MA!".
My dad, Mom and Elisha

Mom and Dad with all five grandchildren at the Dallas Aquarium last year
Me, Elisha and my beautiful Momma leaving the airport this past February
I wish I could be there to give you a hug, take you to eat Chinese food and go see a funny movie. Love you from across the world. It was wonderful hearing your voice today.
your little girl,


bcmckinney3@yahoo.com said...

My Dearest Kimberly
This is my second try on this comment. I hope you will get this one. What a blessing you are and what a treasure your blog is for me for Mothers Day. I may try to copy it on the printer and have it as a reminder of how richly I am blessed with a daughter like you.I love you soooo very much.

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