11 May 2009

New blog in the making

Not too much excitement for today. This morning Bud took Moses (Georgie's dad) to the hospital and thankfully he didn't have anything serious. We worked on admin stuff this morning and then went to the coffee shop for lunch. This afternoon Bud went out to Mattaw with Humphrey to get some work done and I stayed around the house watching babies and working on a new blog. We are working on a blog just for Mattaw Children's Village. Then I can continue updating this one on a more personal level and update the other one specifically on our children. Kevin is working on an actual formal website but for now we'll have a blog for our kiddos. It will be mattawchildren.blogspot.com. You can check it out now but it is still under some major construction. But you'll get the point. Tomorrow we're off to the property for the day. Eric is going to the school and doing AMAZING. His face looks so different. I need to post before and after pictures soon. Last night I was giving Lucy a pedicure and found another Jigger, no not chigger, a jigger... YUCK. Soon enough her body will be normal! Much love to you all. Kimberly


The Beavers said...

what exactly are jiggers anyway?

Mattaw Children's Village said...

well im not exactly sure but its a bug that gets under the skin either on the feet or hands. usually in really dirty people. i was told having even one can make you not sleep at night. and they lay eggs. so i found a bunch of white gooey eggs in the heel of her foot.

Kristi said...

REALLY like the new blogs!!!!! Great idea.

Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

Just thinking of you guys this am and praying for you. I love your blogs and me and the kids read them every morning. It continues to stir the tender heart of Kyra toward people of every nation and tongue. She will bring up things we've read on your blog throughout the day and days later. Keep following Jesus! May He pour His Spirit into you today to overflowing.

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