04 May 2009

Texas! 5/4//09

A few days ago we took a big ol' family picture, Texas style! While I looked at them I'm reminded of a dream in my heart that I'd have a big family one day. For the past month, Caleb and Ian have been home from school on break. For the time being this has been our family. God brought Eric and Lucy into our lives in the past month as well. And then of course Georgie is here. It has been a lot of work but I really have enjoyed it! I have gotten a taste of what its like to have teenage boys, a seven yr old, twins, and a toddler. (the twins would be Georgie and Lucy, although not the same age, they are developmentally the same.... diapers, food, milk, blabbing not talking) OK maybe its more like triplets with Georgie, Lucy and Elisha. Thank God for Violet though! Caleb and Ian have been helpful big brothers. Seasons change but for this past month this has been our family in our house...

Mattaw is family and we love those children as our own. They are part of the family as well! Within the next month or so our immediate family will go back to this... (excuse the facial hair on Bud, he shaved yesterday)

Our home might be Africa but we sure do come from Texas! Yesterday in church I taught on sanctification and righteousness. I had Caleb put his hand in powdered sugar and teach about having clean hands and a pure heart and the anointing God gives us. He then touched a child and showed how it left a mark on the child. Every time we minister to someone we're leaving some of us, good or bad. I think our anointing is burnt orange.... (that's a joke of course)

Georgie was being Mr. fuss pants and needed a nap but I had to get pictures first. Eric was just trying not to smile, he was in a good mood although this face says otherwise.
If you know me at all you know I REALLY want a baby girl! For now, I have Lucy and I absolutely have enjoyed getting her all girled up! I dug around on the container and found every little frilly, lacy, girly, pink things I could find. Here she is before church.

It's Monday which means office work. Time to send out financial reports for last month. Georgina is here for a few days to have a break. She doesn't enjoy all that much going where she came from but finds it restful to come here. She went a few weeks ago to Lemoru to get the remaining things of hers. She said her uncle has taken and planted on the 8 acres her parents left for her and her siblings. (this is often the case for those orphaned, they're left with no inheritance but praise God that in Jesus we have quite the inheritance!) She was constantly asked questions about it and about us. We just pray she would continued to be restored and find hope and purpose in her life.
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Anonymous said...

Lucy is precious in her "girlie" naby blue dress and headband!!! God is good all the time, all the time God is good. -- That is soooo obvious in all of your pics.
Bud would be cuter if he not only shaved, but took off that TEXAS ORANGE. (remember, I'm originally from OKLAHOMA)
Jan (Joplin, MO)

bob said...

beautiful people - beautiful burnt orange

vickypad said...

you guys look great!

Anonymous said...

I love Georgie's fussy face! :) And i have to say, Elisha is pretty stinking cute! I'll pray for Georgie as he goes back with Moses.
Much love!
Emily from JoMO

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