29 April 2009

What a day! 4/29/09

Well I was skimming through pictures and realized there's a bunch I should share! Today has been quite a day so far. Yesterday we got word they would be releasing Lucy from the hospital. We are waiting for a money transfer so we can use some to buy Georgie a bed and move him over to Julius and Chrstabell's house. So right now you could say our house has turn into a rescue center! Ha! It's such a blessing though I'm on my third cup of coffee so I can either be cleaning poo, feeding babies, folding laundry, washing clothes, rocking Eli while he watches Diego, and lovin on Lucy. So far all three babies have had poop explosions today! This is VERY temporary though. Soon Georgie will move out, then Ian and Caleb go back to school Monday, Eric will move into house two in a few weeks and once Lucy is a bit stronger we'll move her in as well. Then Bud and I will have time alone before the teams start coming in this summer. Thankfully we have a lot of help including our new friend Nickole from the states. A surprise blessing she is! She came through LoveMercy ministries (lovemercy.com) and felt led to help us out for the time being. She came with not a specific agenda and is super flexible... just perfect for Africa missions!

I've enjoyed just pouring love into Lucy. She is having to be healed from three or so years of being mistreated though. As a result we're seeing some stubbornness and a sense of abandonment. She likes to keep us in sight and goes in and out of needing to be held. This morning she would not eat oatmeal or a banana. Finally she ate a little and then ate a piece of bread with peanut butter. Such a sweetheart though. I just melt when she smiles!

Here are quite a bit of pictures to update you on from throughout this past week...
Eric and Elisha... if you look close you can see a longhorn on his hat, he already knows "hook 'em horns"!

Hollie's cousin made these for each child. The last team here brought frames for a craft so we let the children make these.
John, Aaron and Juma
My three babies as of today. I couldn't get them to all look at the camera and smile so this is what we got...

Could I get any more pink on her?! I'll figure out a way I'm sure. :) Elisha loves to pull her bow off and she gets VERY upset about it!

Lucy Lou. "who will come to Africa and hold me? :)"
Trampoline time with mommy and daddy

Elisha has gotten really good at actually jumping

little rock star

Here's a couple pictures for Dalene and Phil... We had Jose, Thomas and Charles out at Mattaw to play with the kids yesterday since they're out of school. Jose on left, Thomas on the right.
(if you've seen glueboys documentary, Charles and Thomas' story is on there. Glueboys.com)

Gideon and Charlo. All the kids LOVED them.

That's it for now. If I actually find time again to post this week I sure will. Hope your Internet is workin now momma! I mainly think of you when I keep up with this so well. (and Eli's Nene as well!) Much love to my faithful blog fans....


Dalene said...

blog fan for life. thanks for the photos of the boys! can't believe how tiny lucy is! so glad God has you there to pick up strays!

Anonymous said...

THe frames are awesome! So cool.
Lucy looks cute in pink!


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