08 March 2009

The LONGEST update EVER 3-7-09

ahhhh (sigh of relief) Finally, I'm able to make an update. I am so sorry I have not responded with anyone the past week. This is the first time since the day I got to Kitale that I've had access to the Internet. It feels great to get a bunch of pictures up!!! I just feel so much more connected by getting this post up and knowing all of y'all are getting to read and see whats been going on this past week. So this past week....
The Dempsey family arrived safely. Gail and Sarah flew in Wednesday afternoon and Bud, Lisa and Jim drove in our new vehicle to Kitale. They made it in 5 hours from Nairobi to Kitale! Amazing! It used to take 8-9 hrs. They've improved the roads obviously. When they got here we hit the ground running. Thursday the guys spent all day on the playground and the women worked on organizing the container. It has all been accomplished. The container is now nice and neat. (another sigh of relief!) Also the playground is up and kids are happily playing on it non-stop. They'd sleep on it if they could. I think we enjoy watching them more than they enjoy playing on it. Friday I stayed home in the morning to have Violet do laundry and I cleaned house while watching Elisha. Hollie took baby Georgie to the doctor. Ah, baby Georgie. He is chunky and happy. Although when he is hungry, you know it. He has been a bit congested and Hollie took him in to get checked. He has some infection and is on medicine but nothing serious. Oh and the kids. It was wonderful getting to see our children for the first time. We didn't know how they'd respond. The children in Lemoru would tackle us every time we'd come back from being away for awhile. Oh and our children sure did to. It was great. They look great and all are healthy. Our staff did amazing while we were gone. Speaking of Lemoru, Saturday morning we headed out there for the Dempsey's to visit them for the day. We went to Linda's family's house for lunch first. They welcomed us with songs and gave us traditional gifts. (milk gord, cloth wraps and bracelets) We also brought them things from Linda. I'm sure Linda would be jealous to know what meal we ate there. It was a big deal since the Dempsey's are the ones that have taken in Linda to live with them. Linda is staying with my parents right now until the Dempsey's get back. This morning was church. Our church has doubled since we left! Its SO AMAZING to see that knowing that people aren't coming because of the white people but because salvation is happening and people are drawn by the Lord to come. There has been around 5-10 new salvations since we left (mostly all led to the Lord by Isaac our house dad) and they're all ready for baptism. I think with the team next week we'll do baptisms. Should be fun! I was sad not to go but glad I stayed home with Elisha. He was running a bit of a fever. I guess just worn out. He took a two and a half hour nap and is feeling much better now. We'll get him tested for malaria tomorrow just to make sure. Oh and speaking of, I do not have malaria. I am over whatever sickness I had. The night the Dempsey's got to Kitale was the first night Elisha and I slept through the night. It was perfect timing. It's also been fabulous for me to get back into my kitchen and cook. I love to cook, and I love my kitchen. I'm glad the Dempsey's are here for me to cook for them. It's been fun. Gail, Sarah and I are now at the coffee shop on the internet. It's a nice break for us. And yes Todd, we have a new place in town called the Coffee Shop that Theresa from the Karibuni lodge opened up. (we're SUPER excited our friend Todd is coming back to Kenya in a few months!!!!! YEA!) Gail and Jim fly out tomorrow to go on safari in the Masai Mara and their daughters stay here until Thursday. Gosh, I know I've written a bunch but there's so much going on! And a week from Monday we have a team of 10 coming. We excited for them to get here. We don't know any of them and I don't think anyone has been to Africa. Should be fun! Alright, signing off. Here's a bunch of pics.....
To start the pictures I have to go back to our last night in Texas... this is me with my best friends from high school

Here is the first day of seeing the children. I was about to hand out little teddy bears. Elisha told them a thing or two as well.

Nelima and Gracie. They'll be in house two once it's painted and opened here soon. They are sister to baby Georgie. Ages 7 and 5.

We brought them sunglasses. They always take ours so we brought them their own. Here is Elisha being cool and the kids checkin him out.

From left to right is Lydia, teacher for 1st grade, Rebecca, teacher for 3rd and 4th grade (we dont have any 2nd graders yet), and Constance, our Auntie that comes Monday through Friday to help clean and cook lunch. Oh and thats our new car in the back!!!!

Sarah, Lisa and Gail sorting through the container

Me in the big box of clothes, sorting, sorting, sorting, and sorting!

Some of the kids helping Jim get started on the playground

The beginning of the playground

Continuing on the playground

Sarah going down the slide with Georgie

The playground finished!!! Woohoo!(did I mention from the time it was idea to ship this playground until now, it's been about 3 years?!

The swings and playground with the houses in the back

Humphrey catching Obadiah

The kids playing

Our church family

Inside house two having church
Noah throwing the ball... our camera rocks... see the ball?

A beautiful Kenya sunset. This was after the playground was finished

Noah and Elisha reunited

Humphrey with baby Georgie

And last, but NOT least! Baby Georgie!

MUCH much love to you all.... thank for the the comments, keep 'em coming. We love them. And yes, this is a good way to get in touch with me. Leave me your email and I'll email if you have a question or whatever.
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The Beavers said...

Great to read the catch up. I LOVE that last picture of little Georgie! Glad that you didn't have Malaria and that you are feeling better! Love you guys!

Denise Mayen said...

Thanks Kim for helping me see what my family is up to! To God be the glory! The sunglasses look great on all the kiddos and the playground looks like it will be a very popular spot to hang out! We're glad we got to see you guys while you were in town. Love, Denise

Todd iliff said...

You say your excited to see me.....but will you be in a month or two when im stealing your husband every weekend to watch football and play x-box! Haha!

lynn said...

The playground looks great ! I'm so glad the Dempseys were all able to be there loving on all your kids with you. It was great having you home at FBCKeller. Enjoy the team coming next week--God is doing great things as always!!
Lynn Ryals

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