03 March 2009


Home sweet home. Hollie and I got back into Nairobi yesterday afternoon. (and of course Elisha too!) It's so great being back. And to have people, friends and acquaintances, to come back to that are excited to see us is fun. I'm so glad we're not called to the bushes of Africa but live in a little town where we can have some sort of a social life! Last night we barely made it to town to pick up some much needed groceries. All the grocery stores close by 7pm. (milk, bread, spaghetti for dinner, butter, juice, eggs) I started feeling sick a few days ago but yesterday when we got here it got a lot worse. What is the deal?! Last time we came back from the states I was super sick by the time I got to Kitale. Urgh. I'm about to go get tested for malaria just to rule that out. It might be the flu though. Anywho, please pray for me! Elisha is still not sleeping through the night. He only got up for 2 hrs last night though. A bit more progress. Violet came at 8am this morning. It is really great to see her. She missed Elisha so much. It didn't take long for Elisha to remember who she is. (Violet comes 4 days a week to watch Elisha and clean our house) Violet, of course, came with baby Georgie. Oh my goodness! I about squeezed the life out of him! He has gotten SO big. He can now sit up on his own. He is still chunky and happy as can be. I got to rock him to sleep this morning, it was precious. Elisha didn't seem to mind I was holding Georgie. He was just happy to play outside in the warm weather with Violet and our dogs. We have two german shepards that he likes to wrestle with. Yes, my one year old wrestles dogs. They dont phase him a bit. These big Kenyan men will come to our house and be terrified of our dogs. Hollie and I are now in town at the Coffee shop. Ahhhh, the coffee shop. It's wonderful to be back here too. We ate some Ethiopian food and my mouth is on fire. There is an internet cafe inside the coffee shop so its convenient. It's so great to be back but missing my family and friends back home. As the days pass I know it'll get easier. Tomorrow the Dempsey's come to Kitale. Jim will be putting in a playground that came on the container. Their daughters are coming too, Lisa and Sarah. Lisa will be shooting video of our kids to do a promotional video for Mattaw. Sarah is, well I'm not real sure, but she is getting her masters in something that has to do with NGO's so she'll be doing research on them while here. They'll also be helping sort the container and loving on our children. Jim will also do some child training sessions with our house parents. Please pray I will feel 100% by the time they get here. I really want to enjoy the time they're here. I'm off to buy groceries for the week. And also to get tested for malaria. I find out 5 or so minutes after i'm tested. One of the only convenient, quick things around here! Once we get internet back in our house or I get unpacked and find the thing that can plug our pictures into the computer, then I'll get some pictures goin on here.
at home,


Joyful Living said...

Praying for your health and strength! So happy to hear you arrived safely back to Kitale! There is nothing like the smell of home, huh!?!?!

Dalene said...

ohhh. that's right, you have to have the cord to upload photos... i forgot (so ignore my comment on the last posting). too bad we couldnt get phil do do a video for you. as i was reading this post i almost asked him if i could go live with you.. but i don't think that would work. he would probably have to come with me. okay i'll email you instead of leaving the worlds longest comment. love you!

Jamie D said...

Hey there,
I am so thank-ful that I have come across your blog. I am heading to Kenya in September to volunteer for a month in an orphanage there... (details to be determined... just in the application process with volunteering solutions). I love your last few posts, and feel like you have a world of knowledge for me! I would love to give you my email address for a contact throughout this journey.

I hope it is ok I contacted you like this.


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