12 March 2009


Hello! Another week has flown by. Well I guess this week isn't quite over. It's Thursday morning now. Gail and Jim left Monday evening and their daughters, Sarah and Lisa, leave today on the evening flight to Nairobi. It has been so great having them back. It was really great having them around to help for our first few weeks back in Kitale. Now a team would have been difficult to have the first week back but having just four people around that have been to Kenya has been a huge help. From what they say it sounds like their time here has been wonderful. Elisha got super sick this week (not emergency sick). I took him to the doctors on Tuesday. It was quite an adventures, not a good adventure. There is only one pediatrician here in town. He was at the hospital working in the morning so we had to go back at 1pm. I waited in line for awhile, then was sent to get him malaria tested, then stood outside waiting for an hour for the results. Usually the results are given in 10 min or so but because of the mass amount of people there was a long line. It's very unlike the states, here you don't have an appointment, you just go and wait. I found out he has malaria AND the flu, along with ulcers in his mouth and on his lips. SO SAD! So I then went and stood in line again to get the prescription. Then loaded up Elisha and went to the pharmacy to get medicine. By the time Elisha and I got home, we were both crying! I felt so helpless with him being so sick. The first three nights of him being sick was so sad. He would wake up every hour or two just in pain and achy. He really like his pacifier but can't suck on it because of the ulcers. Yesterday was day two of the malaria medicine so last night was much better. He slept through from 11pm to 6am. Today is the last dose of malaria medicine so tonight should be pretty much back on sleeping schedule. He is also on antibiotics for 7 days. Baby Georgie is staying with Hollie and is also on antibiotics. He seems much better. Yesterday was a good day. Bud kindly stayed home with Elisha in the morning while I took Hollie, Sarah and Lisa to Captain Davies. We had a blast. It's about 45 minutes away at the bottom of Mt. Elgon. We walked through their animal sanctuary where we saw zebras, gazelle, and rhinos. While taking pictures in front of the rhinos, who are behind an "electric" fence, Hollie and I noticed a gazelle jump through the fence and the fence didn't shock him at all. Sarah and Lisa didn't catch this so we kept trying to hurry them along. We then fed George, the largest kind of gazelle. Then off to feed Tom, their only giraffe left. (there was 3) Then to end the safari, the girls all rode ostriches. Yes, ostriches! It was a fun girl outing. Thanks babe for keepin our sick lil guy! Today we're off to have a birthday party for John. He is the oldest boy in our home right now. He'll be 11 yrs old. Well, we think. His birthday was in January so we're making up. While the team is here next week, we'll have a birthday party for Obadiah and Euni. Elisha is home with Violet today. He is doing better so mom and bud's mom- don't worry! Here's some pictures...
Hollie, Gail with Georgie, Lisa, Me, Bud, Elisha, Sarah, Jim
On our compound in front of banana trees

Elisha in his new swing at our house

Eli playing with his daddy

Elisha riding boda boda style. This is Protus, our night guard
Elisha riding off saying "yeeeehaw!"
Noah under the new tree house

Nehemiah going down the new slide in the tree house

Some of the children in the new tree house
Jeftah sliding

Me and my baby boy

"aw mom, come on, i'm not feelin too great here"

Elisha going into Hollie's house

"im so sick, look at these awful mouth sores!"

More to come... We will get internet in our house soon... so we think...


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