16 March 2009

March 16... Elisha, birthday, team on the way

Today I am running around trying to get things ready for while the team is here but since Elisha is home happy and I have a few minutes, I had to step in and update this thing. This morning we took Elisha back to the doctor. He just finished his medicine and isn't feeling well and has bites on him. I wasn't sure if it could be something like chicken pox or measles. Ends up it is mites. Some type of bug that gets in clothing. So I have to iron his clothes after they're washed to get rid of them. Also the Dr. thinks he might have worms so we're de-worming him today with a one time oral treatment. I hope this is the end of his sickness!!! Poor little guy. He has hung in there though. He just hasn't had much of an appetite. I couldn't get him to eat much last night so he woke up at 1am hungry. He ate some bread and had some juice then off to sleep again. Bud left yesterday morning to go to Nairobi to meet our team for this week. They are from Joplin, Mi. A team of 9. I don't think any of them have been to Africa before so it'll be tons of fun getting to see them experience their first adventure here. Bud picked them up at the airport last night. He is now spending the day in Nairobi with them today taking them around to see touristy things (elephant orphanage) and do some shopping. Then they'll fly out this evening and get to Kitale by dinner time. They will be here until Saturday afternoon. While here they will be doing VBS with children in our village, door to door ministry and handing our bibles, in the mornings some physical work around Mattaw and then of course loving on our children. Friday we'll end the week by going to captain Davies with all our children. That is where there's an animal sanctuary to walk around in and ostrich and camel riding. We'll have lunch there as well. A lot going on so please pray this medicine today and the grace of God will wipe out all sickness from Elisha. Here are some pictures since last time I updated...

Elisha playing with a piece off the motorcycle helmet

"I got my gloves on! now lets ride!"

sweet boy in some pretty cute clothes (he is the most stylish little boy thanks to his aunt kim)

playing in the yard... its dry season can you tell... come on rain!

Elisha giving baby Georgie kisses

Protus pulling Elisha around our house

Elisha feeding Georgie pancakes for breakfast. I was trying to read a devotion for the morning and needed just a minute to finish so I told Elisha to feed Georgie and it worked! It kept him entertained for a good 5 minutes.

This picture is for you Todd! It's Chuck! We're needing to repair a spot in our fence so he wont get out and go make puppies so for now he has to be chained unless we watch him closely

John's birthday was in January but since we were gone we celebrated last week with Lisa and Sarah. He turned 10 yrs old!

Here he is in his new outfit

And here we all are! from left to right adults are: Humphrey, Hollie, me, Bud, Lydia, Reba and Constance... and Isaac in the back presenting us? plus all our babies!

Things are going great, just at a super fast pace at the moment but I'm hanging on for the ride! Just enjoying life back over here. I'm content with the busyness right now but sure looking forward to getting into a normal routine... well normal isn't quite the word.... but routine of some sort will be nice again. Oh and I'll write more about this, we are planning to run another 1/2 marathon in June! It'll be here in Kenya on an animal reserve. We debated but since there's enough people interested to get a team we decided why not?! I love the training for it. More to come....
I think in a few days we'll be back on the internet. Much love to you all and thanks for the prayers!


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