01 March 2009


It's March! Wow, it's March. Praise the Lord, we got our vehicle. It's just right for us. Bud went searching at different places around town and met with different people that were selling their vehicle. He found two after a long day of searching that stuck out to him. (he had already searched out a bunch this past year to get an idea) That night he told me all about them, showed the pictures, and we prayed about it. The next morning we spent more time in prayer and just asked for peace over the situation. We went and checked out the two and ended up buying one of them. We got a lot knocked off the original price (original meaning after it being bargained down) and saved a lot with the great exchange rate right now. It's rediculous how much you have to pay for vehicles in Kenya. Vehicles, anything technology, and gasoline are all super expensive here. They have to import the vehicles so the taxes can be nuts. Anywho, we got it and are so thankful. I ended up staying one more day in Nairobi. Elisha did much better last night. He is still waking up for 3 or so hours in the night and playing but last night it was more so myself that couldn't sleep. Tomorrow I am thrilled to be heading to Kitale. Hollie is going to be going with me as well. Oh yes, and Hollie, she made it safely to Kenya from her 3 week trip in Ghana. We are so stinkin happy to get to Kitale! I found this really cute picture of Noah and got so excited to see him and the kids. Just wanna squeeze 'em! Not sure when we'll get internet back in our house so I'll try to make a few trips to town this week to get online. Oh shoot, little man is movin around, better stop clickin on this computer. Much love, Kimberly


Candace King said...

Glad you made it safely back. Love on all those kiddos for me and hugs and kisses to Elisha. So excited to hear about the vehical. Praise Jesus!
Love, Candace

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

thanks candace! it was great to see you in peaster! i sure will love on the kids for you. we hope to see yall here this year... im serious! kimberly

Dalene said...

umm.. photo of your new car? photo of yall back in kenya?
you were so good about getting photos up and now you're back to your kenyan ways and its like day 3. c'mon girl!
p.s. much love. i miss you!

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