27 February 2009

Back in Kenya 2-27-08

Well, well, well, we made it! We got in last night and today the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Spring weather. The last 3 or so days have been a mess! Well inside my head emotionally at least. (my poor husband) Excited to come back but sad to leave. Ready to see our kids but sad to leave my family and friends. Packing for who knows how long... a year, year and a half. (we came on a one way ticket, haven't done that before) Teams coming off and on for the next 6 months, planning for them. Way excited for teams but need to get things going and ready. Seeing everyone we plan to see, did that, but not everyone. On the plane with a ton of things I remembered I didn't do. Ready to be back, sad to leave. No complaints, just mixed emotions!

My parents and Linda took us to the airport Wednesday morning. In the pictures we all look cheery and happy. Shortly after they were taken, all us women were a mess! It just keeps getting harder to leave. But the joy in sacrifice when it comes to this part is rewarding. I can't even begin to tell of all blessings and faithfulness the Lord has been. We brought Linda back with us to the U.S. this past time and have been with her almost the entire past 2 months. We've helped her get adjusted and taught her a thing or two about America. The feeling of leaving her was somewhat how I imagine it'll be leaving Elisha when he goes to college. Hoping and praying she'll be ok. Of course she'll be ok but just wanting everything to go great with her adjusting and making new friends. I sure will miss her. She was my closest Kenyan friend here.

The plane ride from Dallas to Detroit was great. We timed it right and Elisha had his two hour nap while I watched slum dog millionaire. Great movie, very graphic, but incredible movie. We got to Detroit, ate some, happy, and then the nightmare came! Elisha was full of energy and then full of fuss. Little stinker! We even gave him benadryl.... nothin. We actually think it made him have more energy. When they served us our food, shortly after Elisha dumped water all over me and the guy sitting next to us. Oh and I was squished between Bud and a very large older Italian man that didn't know English. Ewww, quiver, just writing out the memories of the flight makes me ill! But any who, we finally got him to sleep the last few hours of the 7 hr flight. The second flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi was great! Elisha slept and slept and slept. He was awake the last 3 hrs of it but we walked around and played with his backpack full of goodies. We bought new toys and stuff for him to play with on the plane. He was a charmer and everyone around him loved him. (unlike the flight before) Lack of sleep, emotional, and having a fussy baby on a 7 hr flight just doesn't go well together. I was so upset, I had it in my mind that we were getting to our house in Kitale and not leaving town once for the next year. I've changed my mind since.

So we made it to Nairobi safely! We got through customs and grabbed our luggage all within an hour. Praise the Lord for a safe trip and to get all of our luggage. The morning before we landed in Amsterdam, there was a plane crash on the run way and 9 people died. Bud was smart not to tell me until we landed.

Not sure if I've talked much about the vehicle situation. Our car has been a bit sick over the past few months before we left Kenya. We had been talking with people back home that we needed a new one. One for transporting teams, our children at Mattaw, and taking trips to Nairobi and Kampala Uganda safely. We didn't put too much focus on it but just put the request before God and asked Him to make it happen if its His will. He knows the situation and will provide if needed. There's so much construction and other needs that we didn't want to make a deal of it. So for the exciting news?! During our trip home, the Lord provided all the finances to get one!!!! Holy macaroni cow! We were shocked beyond words and are SO grateful. So Bud is going around searching for a new vehicle. A ruff and tough Africa-proof one. After last night, our first night back, and realizing how difficult it is to get a baby adjusted to the time here in a guesthouse, I decided I would go back to Kitale with Elisha Sunday rather than Wednesday. Bud will stay and pick up the Dempsey's Tuesday and hopefully buy the vehicle. I'm soooo ready to be home! Here are some pictures from when we left the airport and on the plane.

My momma, Bud, Me, my dad and Elisha
(if it looks like I have no make up on because I've been crying, you're right)

Me, Elisha and my beautiful momma

Linda, me and Elisha
My dad, Elisha and me... and my mom's hand

Elisha on plane ride to Nairobi from Amsterdam... if there were pictures from the previous flight, you would NOT want to see them!

This flight we also had a free empty seat in between Bud and I, it was amazing

I highly recommend this toy. We got it at target. It is the parent brand. Between the scooby doo band-aide's, this toy in the picture, and a new book, we were good to go on this flight.

This post took me, off and on, two hours to finally get written and pictures posted! Back in Kenya we are. Hopefully more updates to come soon. Hollie flies out of Ghana tonight and we'll pick her up tomorrow night so be praying for her. She is super excited to get back. We are happy to have her back too! Much Love...


Tiffany Ferguson said...

Hey Kimberly! I'm so glad to see you made it back safely, i've been praying for you! Sorry that you had some rough times during the flight, but glad to hear it got better on the second long leg!! So, I have a friend that helps out with a youth group (she went to kenya with us last year) and she just called me and said that a guy came to talk to them a few days ago about you guys! when she started telling me the story i couldn't believe it!! so, just know many people are hearing about what you guys do and we are praying for you. Many blessings!! Tiffany Ferguson

The Beavers said...

Glad you guys made it back safely!

Clea's Perspective said...

Glad you all arrived safely back. I love seeing all the pictures. We miss you guys so much and are way looking forward to your visit. I am sure will be back to normal (if there is such a thing) in a couple of weeks. Praising the Lord for his provision. Happy Car Shopping -- we will be praying :)

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

thanks tiffany! do you happen to know who the guy that talked about us was?

clea- great to hear from you. i need to stinkin get your email and write. isaac gave it to me and i didn't write it down. i miss you guys SO much! just come back to kenya...

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