21 February 2009

Some pictures from awhile back

I am currently doing laundry for what seems like an army. We're here in Keller wrapping up our time here in the U.S. It has been a wonderful trip. I couldn't think of more we could have done. (except see a few more people that we didn't get to, such as the Wilson's!) We've been on the go for quite awhile so I am finally getting a day of laundry and hanging around the beautiful mission guesthouse. Bud's parents got to come up for the weekend and his mom is staying with us for the weekend. We're thankful they got to come up for our last weekend. Bud's Uncle Mike had knee surgery last week so Bud's dad is staying with him to help him out. Conveniently Uncle Mike lives in Keller as well as Bud's Gamaw who is Elisha's Great Gamaw. Last night we spoke at Fbc Keller. It was a good turn out. Linda made chapati's and we had Kenyan tea and coffee. As always, it was good getting to share an update and talk about our precious children. We miss them terribly and can't wait to love on them next week! We talked to them a few days ago and almost cried getting to hear their voices. They're all doing excellent. Tomorrow we'll be going to Fbc Keller and then having the best meal we can possibly have. My dad is cooking out porter house steaks and having baked potatoes and sweet southern tea to go with it. This is mine and Bud's favorite! Although I'm not a big meat eater anymore. I guess living in Kenya and having horrible meat one too many times, it did me in. Here's some pictures from the week before we left Kenya a few months ago. Jeremy, the guy checkin on our house on the weekends while we've been away, is the one that took them. He has an awesome camera and we just got a similar one. (it was our reward to ourselves for reaching our goal in the 1/2 marathon) So expect some awesome photos like these coming up this year. Jeremy lives in Bungoma, which is around an hour from Kitale. He is overseeing the construction and start of a children's home. Pretty much the same thing we're doing.
Nehemiah when all the kids were at our house... grass is not pretty because its dry season now

One day baby Georgie wasn't feeling too well with his tummy adjusting to formula... so the children said "lets pray on him!"

sweet baby georgie and bud (he started feeling better)

Our night dogs in their homes, not cages, homes. And Jeremy probably took this picture to show what annoyed him in the middle of the night, maybe not, but probably. They like to jump on their beds and make a lot of ruckus.

Ian and Chad (Jeremy's brother) teaching Mercy how to ride a bike

Noah sitting under Jeremy

Eunice asleep in Jeremy's lap and Jeftah

Just a hilarious picture of the children discovering their reflection in the car

Caleb playing soccer in our yard

Bud's favorite picture. This is Daisy.

Maurine and Daisy, Christmas day (and in the corner is our newest, Gracie, she'll move into house two soon!)


lexee said...

i love picture updates!

thanks for always posting new pictures... i love to see the kids, and little gracie! i love her so much already!

i hope that yall have a good trip back to kenya!

Mandy said...

I love the smiles on all the children's faces--they are so beautiful! God's Blessings to you!

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