23 February 2009

pictures! Feb 23 2009

Here are some pictures from our last week in Texas...

Elisha with his great Granny

Our little family at my parent's house. (please ignore Bud's nasty mustache... he has shaved since)

Elisha with his Nene, eating a chocolate covered hob-nob cookie

Putting on his Poppa's hat

At Amy's hosue. I thought I was going to hang out with my friends from high school but ended up they just wanted to play with my kid! Naw, I know they wanted to see me too! Amy is a pre-k teacher, can you tell? She didn't have toys at her house but came up with this contraption

Last night Elisha was cracking us (me and Nene) up! He was going through this book and jabbering away like he was reading it, with the expresions and everything. It was adorable.

Saying bye bye to his Nene and Poppa.

That's it for now! Two days until take off. Ill post at least once more before we jet off.


Glenn Eubank said...

Did you notice the cross above Poppa? God is so cool! We will be in prayer for you guys!
-Glenn Eubank Glen Meadows Baptist Church, San Angelo member

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