04 February 2009


Ok, ok, ok, I am now posting pictures! I wont even talk much. We're out at the Caldwell's ranch today, just outside of Sterling City. We came out yesterday and stayed the night. A Texan version of Kenya. No target, no starbucks, no traffic, plenty of livestock, miles and miles of nothing, and peace and quiet. It's been nice! Elisha has had a blast runnin outside and having their son, Guy, to play with. They just adopted a baby girl, Sophie, this past year and Elisha likes to look at her but she's so tiny he's not real sure what to do so instead he wrestles with Guy. Tonight we're going to Freedom Fellship to see Linda get baptized! Very exciting! Not much this weekend other than speaking at Chrsitian Church of San Angelo Sunday morning. Oh and my brother will be in town to see his wife and four boys so that'll be great to see him again! Ok, here's some pictures...
Elisha and his cousin Pierce, this was in Keller a few weeks ago

Sittin in Grandma's rockin chair

My momma and Linda

At Freedom Fellowship having a Kenyan meal

Chapati (Kenyan version of tortilla)

"sukumawiki" (like spinach) and ugali (moosh... like gritz but spongy) They eat both of these together... often.

Linda in her texas shirt in McAllen

At the park in San Angelo

Elisha about to slide with his cousin Cannon

Elisha and Pierce matching... this time not on purpose (this was the best pic i got of them this day, oh well, more days to come)

At Mr. Gatti's with the cousins

At McDonald's with the cousins. Bud, Elisha and Collin

Elisha managed to crawl to the top on is own and here he is smashing his face against the glass

Out at the Caldwell's. Elisha putting a hat on Sophie.

Sophie and Elisha

This time I hope to post more pictures quicker so it's not this long next time on a picture update! We just got our computer back and its fixed. Now I dont have much of an excuse to not post pictures. More to come....



The White House said...

Hey Kimberly and Bud, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself when you came to Calvary... but my husband, Caleb, said hi to Bud. What a wonderful priveledge it is to have you serving the Lord in Kenya. We are super jealous that we aren't there with you... maybe the Lord will open that door for us eventually. We will be praying for your ministry!

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