06 February 2009

New background

I decided to go for a new look. The other background seemed to take longer to upload and it was a bit difficult to read. Let me know if this one uploads any better!

We're still in San Angelo. Wednesday we'll head back to Keller and then run next Sunday! I do have a prayer request. I have been feeling sicky for the past few days and praying this will go away quickly so it doesn't mess up our training. It's been such a huge accomplishment for Bud and I to come this far with our training. Of course we have our good and bad days but overall this has been such an exciting thing to do together. God is teaching me a lot through training for a marathon that relates to life, ministry, marriage, etc. Maybe I'll blog about it sometime.

It's been so great getting to see friends and family so far. I always know when time is getting close to going back to Kenya in my heart. We set a date to fly out the 25th of this month. Yesterday I felt it within my heart the desire and urge to get back to Kenya more than the days before. The Lord is so good to put the desire in us for what He calls us to. We got another update from Humphrey in Kitale. He said the children are doing great. Praise the Lord, they are all over their sicknesses. He said Obadiah is almost walking and Noah is running around everywhere! I can't wait to just go and be with them. Also to see Elisha back in the middle of all our kids playing. I miss the simplicity of life there. We're being refreshed though and I'm so thankful for the time here and days we have left. Thank you all for keeping up with us. I wish you'd all leave more comments! But it's good to find out who keeps up with us.

Enjoying the journey,


The Beavers said...

Here's a comment for ya! Oh, and the new background is great...although it still takes longer to load your blog than any other one for some reason...maybe it's just our computer, though!
We had a great time with you guys!
See you Sunday!

Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Hey Kimberly! I know we haven't stayed in touch much, but I follow your blog! I check it almost every day...for the last year or so! I love reading about how God is using you and your family. Thanks for all the updates!

Emily_Dawn said...

You don't know me, but my name is Emily and I am coming with a group from Forest Park in Missouri in March. I have so loved reading your blog! Your passion is great, and it makes me so excited to meet and serve with you! I am excited about meeting your whole entire family in March! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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