30 January 2009

Bride wars

Ok, I must warn you that at the most random times I will write a post with some random thoughts from me, Kimberly. Bud hardly ever, well actually never, writes on here. Maybe one day. Anyways, I do realize that we've been giving out our blog to many, many, people in churches lately so I felt the need to start this post out by saying this is not a Mattaw update or (surprise!) an Elisha update. This is simply my ramblings.

So we went and saw the movie bride wars tonight. (which is why I chose the title of this post) I loved it! If you want a big laugh and to see a super "chicky" chick flick, then here's the movie to see. And there was no sex scenes and I didn't notice the language being tacky. I'm not sure which part was the funniest... the whole fiasco of her hair being blue or the part that "Emma" gets some guts and yells "you're wedding is going to be big... as big as your butt on prom". I guess you gotta see it, that probably wasn't funny to those that haven't. Of course the ending gets all sentimental and makes you want to cry. Although not the most insightful or thought provoking movie, I did actually get something out of it meaningful. Kate Hudson is Liv in the movie. Liv is a business woman and can be pretty direct and pushy at times. She lives this life of feeling like she has to be perfect all the time. At the end Emma and Liv's man help her to realize that she doesn't have to. I like what she says... "i realize I'm not perfect and don't have to try, I tend to stumble around at times BUT, I am awake". That made me think. At times I admit, being a "missionary" sometimes makes me feel I have to be perfect. Some ministers and missionaries in the church tend to, without realizing it, put this kind of pressure on them. But Bud and the Lord are so kind to remind me I dont! And in case you think we are perfect... well, we're NOT! We are very ordinary people just doing something extrodinary. It's not something I've done to deserve it, but obeying a God that is deserving of all the glory of all we do. I tend to ramble so just skip through what doesn't make sense. And I like when she says "i tend to stumble around at times, but I am awake". I sometimes feel that. There are days in Kenya I have not a clue what's going on or what will happen next. We do have direction, and an end goal, but when it comes to the details I can tend to feel as though I'm just stumblin around until I see I am going somewhere. BUT, I am awake!

Thats all for now. Geez, I need to post some pictures! I might loose some readers!


Dalene said...

bud went to see that with you? i can't phil to see ANY movie with me, especially a girly one! hope yall are doing good. sure do miss you!

Katie said...

Hey Kimberly. How ture it is that we often put pressure on ourselves to be "perfect." I love how open and honest you are in the posts and how well you keep up with them! I love tracking with you guys via the post and being able to get specific ways I can pray for Mattaw and you and Bud! Take care!

Tiffany Ferguson said...

Kimberly, we have never met before,but my ,baby girl and I do mission work during parts of the summer in Kenya. We have other friends who have worked in Kitale so one day i googled kitale and came across your blog. i am encouraged and inspired by the work that your family does. my husband and i (and baby seri) feel a call to the mission field and love kenya so much so it has been such a pleasure to read about the work in which you are doing. thank you for all the work you are doing over there. the friends that we know are Brian and Heather Jamison. Do you know them? My husband Lance works for a camp in Texas called Sky Ranch (he's the missions coordinator) and we have done summer camps for Maasai children the last 3 years. I'd love to chat with you sometime, because i have a few questions about moving over there with a small child. (My daughter Seri is 15months old). My email address is: tiff.ferguson@yahoo.com. would you be ok with me asking you some questions? i understand you are super busy, i wish you the best and will be praying for your family. thanks so much, tiffany ferguson

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