08 February 2009

More updates and a bit of realness

Well it's 10:50pm now as I began to make a quick update. I've been off and on sick for the past few days and I absolutely hate being sick. I think because I'm not free to do what I want... such as run 10 miles today. We're so off schedule in training but Bud is great to help me realize it's ok and we're still going to do good in our race. The past few days have been so great. (other than feeling absolutely blah!) Yesterday morning I felt so sick I thought surely I'd be sick the rest of the week and not get to run our race. That afternoon we got to pray with our pastor and mentor and I believe the Lord was gracious enough to restore some strength to my body to get me through another day with a joyful heart. Last night Bud and I got to go and have a double date with my brother and his wife. They have four boys so you can imagine how great it was for them to get out by themselves. I've so enjoyed spending time with family. We went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. We then went and bought some games at target and went to Baker Street coffee house to play games and drink coffee. It was a blast... especially the part when we beat the boys at mad gab. It was harder than I thought it would be saying bye to my brother knowing it'll probably be a year to a year and a half untill I see him again. I'm really hoping for more teams and visitors to come this year since we'll be gone so long!

This morning we got the oportunity to speak at Christian Church of San Angelo. This is one of our main churches. Actually its more home to us. It's such a "safe" place for us to go. By that I mean we have a family that knows us well and we can be ourselves. Not that we're not at other places but there's a difference. Since I already spilled the beans in a previous post that we're not perfect (sarcasm), I can say this, the past 5 or so months has been really hard on Bud and I with our marriage. Yes, great things have happend with Mattaw and we've grown so much in the Lord. The devil knows our weaknesses and has tried to strike hard. Thankfully we made it through and have grown so much through it. We've been able to pray with some mentors of ours and receive so much healing emotionally. A lot of restoration has come to our marriage. Some hurts there that could have lingered around for 10 years or more. We're still only two years married though and are so new to this still. I just never really knew how challenging and difficult marriage could be. I am so so so greatful for Bud and madly in love with him more today than I ever have been. We're starting to get this whole team thing. We're each others number one fan. I guess it's like having a baby. There's no way anyone could have ever prepared me to know about how hard, but joyful, motherhood is. How it completely changes your life in a blink of an eye. Some things you just have to experience to get it I guess. But through being able to be refreshed and restored I'm able to see more clearly the blessings of the life we've been given to walk through. I see what an honor it is to be married to Bud and be on this journey together in Kenya. God has given us this higher calling that we're not adequate in ourselves to accomplish but only in Him. This morning, as usual, Bud and I spoke together. It's just so beautiful how the Lord makes us as one when we speak. We always pray that the deep passion within our hearts would be put into words and God is always faithful to do so. I used to get so nervous speaking but I think part of why it's so much easier now is, well, for one I'm with Bud up there, and two, because I have the pressure lifted off that it's not me but Holy Spirit. We never take notes and only briefly talk before what we'll say. When we get up to talk though, the joy and passion overwhelms us as we speak life. The more we speak, the more passionate we get about what we do in Kenya. I guess that's why we're so ready to get back now than we were a week ago.

Tonight we got to speak at the Huckabee's house. They have a college group every Sunday night. I think around 50-70 people show up each week. It was the first time since we've been back that we've been able to speak to people so close to our age. We were sitting in similar chairs they are not too long ago. Once again, just to speak life, the abundant life in Christ, was so fulfilling. And to hear people come up after and express a similar desire to surrender and just go was awesome. They prayed on us after and blessed us which is always a great thing. We hope to see some of their faces over in Kenya this year!

Before I would get up to speak both times, this morning and tonight, I would feel weak and sicky. But I knew without a doubt I was called to stand and talk. Soon after I'd start talking, the weakness would fade and strength in Christ would come. Even in our weaknesses, he is strong. You like how I started out this post saying it'll be a quick update? Ha! That's it for now. Once I find our camera battery charger I'll get more pictures up. Gosh, technology, there's always something more to deal with. Much love, Kimberly

This pictures was taken a few weeks after we first got our children. I was digging through photo files and found this. I don't think I ever posted it. Can't wait to be back here!


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