10 January 2009


If you've read our post in the past few hours, well, I'm redoing this post since I was on a phone typing the other one and it was difficult.  Anywho, we're in Cali!!!  It's so much fun to be here.  It was super hard leaving Elisha but I know he'll be ok and Bud and I need this time to relax and enjoy each other.  We haven't been alone like this in a while.  We've always had someone living with us which has been good and we feel the Lord has led us to take in certain people at certain times but now its just the two of us.  And what better place than on the beach in southern California?!  It's pretty much a free vacation for us.  We had free miles and our friends Dalene and Phil hooked us up with a free beach house (trailer, but cool place).  Phil got called in for work to fly to Atlanta for a few days so we're here alone.  They'll be back late tonight.  We'll be here until Wednesday.  Our plans are to play, play on the beach, play at Disneyland, and roam around San Diego and L.A.  We just got back from a 4 mile run on the beach.  It was so great.  Beautiful weather, surfers, dolphins, ahhhh.  I got a call this morning from Denise (my mother in law) saying that Elisha woke up with pink eye.  So sad but thats the only problem.  He seems to feel great and no fever.  They're taking him to a clinic anyways to get it checked out.  I miss him!  I've never been away from him for longer than a day.  It was so strange traveling.  I didn't know what to do on the 3 hr plane ride... read?  watch a movie?  nothing?  not entertain Elisha the entire time?  Today we're off to take a stroll around Encinita, a fun little beach town.  We're staying in Leucadia which runs into a bunch of other towns.  This morning running, there was so many other people running, walking or biking.  A big group of bikers passed us all speaking Italian I think... where am I again?  I often have to ask myself in the morning when I wake up.  Ok off to play...  Next time I'll post pictures.


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