14 January 2009

Pictures of our vacation

We just got back to Texas about an hour ago. It's good to be home but we were wishin we could of just flown Eli on over to us and we could continue to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather! It was awesome! We really had a great time. Of course we're so happy to be back with our baby boy. I about ran off the airplane, seriously, ask Bud. He kept saying to be civilized... civilized? I live in Kenya! Anywho, our trip was such a blessing and more than anything I enjoyed getting away from everything and enjoying my hubby. Yesterday was our anniversary. Two years! A lot of obstacles but since they didn't break us, we're now stronger. So I planned on updating this every day or two while we were in California so I wouldnt have this long post but I didn't so now here's for my loooong post on our vacation.

We got there Friday and Dalene and Phil weren't there. Phil got called in last minute to work to fly to Atlanta for a few days and they paid for Dalene to go with. It was good though for us to have a few days to ourself so we took the oportunity to celebrate our anniversary. Saturday night Bud surprised me with a wonderful seafood dinner at a resteraunt on the beach. During the day on Saturday we went walking around Encinita, a cute lil beach town and then ate at a french bistro for lunch. It was wonderful. Phil and Dalene got back late Saturday night. Sunday they were wooped so we didn't do too much. Bud hurt his knee Saturday so I took off for our long run on Sunday by myself. I had no idea how far I ran, I just timed it thinking I was running 10 minute miles. So after we went and drove it and it was a whoping 8 and 1/2 miles! I thought I only ran 7. So I'm at the right place on the schedule with training for the 1/2 marathon which is in 4 weeks. Bud is doing much better and found out it was nothing serious just some tension in his hips probably from traveling that caused the knee problems. We had fun running with a beach view. Here's some pics of it...

Beautiful view from around the corner from where Phil and Dalene live

Runnin on the beach, thankfully our camera has an option to take it automatically cause there was no one on the beach at the time we ran

Sunday night we went out to eat and Dalene and Phil introduced us to sushi! It was adventerous. They're pros at eating sushi. They took us to the best place around. (sushi is raw fish rolled up in rice and seaweed and other stuff in case you didn't know) Other than the texture I really liked it. It didn't taste raw at all. Here's some pics....

Bud and I eating a california roll

The four of us at a Sushi place in Encinitas

Monday was one of the best days, I got all my dreams and wishes to come true. Yep, we went to Disneyland! At first we debated because what kind of parents leave their child and go to Disneyland. But then we decided we'll probably never get to enjoy Disneyland again like young teenagers. Although I do look forward to one day taking our kids back when they're old enough to remember. Dalene was so excited because she didn't think she'd ever get Phil to go with her... and he's her "prince Phillip" since she's Aurora. Our men were gret. They treated us like princesses and enjoyed the day with us. Here's picture from the day...

Bud and I in front of the Castle...

California Adventureland... the second park at Disneyland

I would say this is our best shot of the four of us

It's a madd tea party!

Disneyland at night...

Tuesday Phil had to work so Dalene drove us all around California. We went along the coast and drove through Laguna beach and all through Orange county. Then we went and spent some time at the Santa Monica Pier.

Bud and I at the Santa Monica Pier
"Forrest Gump" (where we ate lunch on the Santa Monica Pier)
Me and Dalene at Bubba Gumps resteraunt

After that we went down to Hollywood. I think it might be different than it used to. Either that or my filter is smaller for what I tolerate as far as materialism. It was fun to see it and walk down Hollywood Blvd. but a few hours was enough. We saw the "stars" with the names on the sidewalk. We saw the footprints and handprints in front of the Chinese theatre or Kodak theatre. (not sure what its called) We saw superman, sponge bob and some live performers. Then went down Melrose st. and went to the DC store. (Dalene's husband Phil is the head of film productions for DC shoes... actually I dont know his title but basically he directs and puts together all their videos and commercials) That night we went to Phil's parents house in Orange County for a little dessert party for Sister Freda. She is the head nurse and director of a hospital outside of Kitale. It's a long story how we found her but anyways we have a lot of connections to her including through Dalene and Phil. She is visiting for a few weeks and happend to be in California when we were so that was exciting to see her. Also Phil's parents adopted two boys from Kenya that used to be street kids. They've had them for about 4 yrs. It was fun to meet them and see how they have a family now and are very well adjusted to being Americans. We also got to see some people we became friends with in Kitale that are from the S. California area. Here are some pics from Hollywood...

Here's the mall on the main part of Hollywood Blvd... if you look close you can see the Hollywood sign in the background

Had to get a pic of good ol Frank!
Maybe this is who Bud was naming himself after when he was 5 and decided to change his name to Bud? I was thinking of my mom when I took this one. Didn't know Billy Graham was a movie star?

The Chinese/Kodak theatre

This morning we had to get up super early to make our flight. We kissed the beach goodbye and got on the plane with great anticipation of seeing our boy. This weekend we'll be visiting different churches and people around the Weatherford area. My brother just started a new job in Houston and his family is still in Arkansas. He is getting stir crazy on the weekends in the hotel so he's coming up for the weekend. It'll be good to see him again. More to come... And here's the best picture of all!!! It was so funny. When we first saw him he was walking around playing then saw me and just froze. He wouldn't make any emotion or face and just stared at me for awhile till he realized it's momma! He's been saying momma all night. His newest development is crawlin up in his grandma's rocking chair on is own and sitting in it and rocking on his own. He is growing so fast! In the picture you can see the present we brought him from Cali...


tiffany moorhead clark said...

Bud and Kimberly.. Tim and i live in Weatherford now.. i would love to see you and your little one while you are here. What churches are you going to be going to? -

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

im sure there's a way to get yalls number from someone so ill have bud call. bud is actually in weatherford today seeing a friend. we'll be there tomorrow to have lunch with a pastor and then be in brock on sunday to go to a church. we'll have to hook up with yall sometime if you're around the next few days!

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