27 January 2009

Back to west Texas

Well we just drove back into San Angelo this afternoon. I realize I'm not doing too great of keeping up with the blog and posting pictures and have recently been giving people this website to keep up with us. So keep checking back, I promise it'll pick back up! We just spent the weekend in McAllen, or might as well be Mexico. No, not really but it definitely is a world of its own. We were blessed to stay in the guesthouse of the Hughes family. It was really great getting to chat with them a bit. Especially in the mornings while Elisha talked to their parrot and chased their dog in circles. I think Elisha might of had the best time there. He was able to run around outside most of the time in the warm weather. If you know our son, you know he LOVES the out doors. He can hardly stand to stay inside. It was great to give an update to Calvary Baptist Church and reconnect with the people there. We had a meeting with the Mattaw Advisory board and all went well. We looked at our goals that were set a year ago and saw they were accomplished. We also were able to move forward in setting new ones and growing more of a vision and passion for Mattaw children's Village. Now here we are in freezing cold west Texas. Linda was so happy to be in McAllen as well to see people she knows that have been to Kenya and of course to enjoy the warmth. In Kenya it NEVER ever gets as cold as it is here now. I'm throwing out just a guess but I think 60's is about the coldest it gets. It's actually perfect weather... at least for us. Never too hot, never too cold. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting to talk about Mattaw then will have lunch with our pastor, Bob. All day though we'll be preparing Kenyan food for tomorrow night at Freedom Fellowship, a church here in San Angelo. It starts at 6pm and then after the "taste of Kenya", we'll be sharing about Mattaw and maybe have Linda do a song and dance. Hehe, not really Linda. But that girl can dance! So if you're around then come! It'll be Hollie's last week here. She is flying out February 4th for Ghana. Funny connection... The doctor that delivered Elisha has now moved to Ghana (west Africa) with his family to be a Dr. there. Hollie is a nurse and really loves the labour and delivery stuff so she's going there for a few weeks to work under him and learn a thing or two. She'll then meet up with us in Kenya the end of February. I think we officially have decided to leave February 25th for Kenya. Time is going by so fast! American time goes a lot faster than Kenyan. Well that's a bit of an update on what's going on for now. Hopefully I can get some pictures up of our African dinner tomorrow night! We're really looking forward to it. Especially Linda since she'll be getting to make and eat her favorite foods. She always feels at home when getting to cook Kenyan food.


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