20 January 2009

The most precious baby boy!

It's been awhile since I've made a blog just about Elisha so he's due for his own post! This morning we went and had pictures made at Picture People. They are amazing! I highly recommend them. They're better than JC Penny's or Sears and the prices were actually better if you catch them when they're having specials. They advertise as "catching the personality of your child" and that they did with Elisha. He was so adorable! If you're new to our blog then scroll down to read more on Mattaw updates or check to the right side of this page and there's titles to other post that might catch your attention to read.

Elisha is doing great! He has five teeth and four molars growing in. Not a happy time! But he's hangin in there and most the time I forget he's teething. But there are times he sure does remind me that he is. It's so nice to not have to spoon feed him every meal now but just hand him a banana or chicken strip. He is practically running now, no longer walking. He says momma, dada, and lalarrallala, which might translate to Elisha. He also says "this" a lot and today said no with a lot of attitude because we wouldn't let him climb the rail on the stairs. Today we were trying to teach him who is momma and dada and we would pat our self and say who we are so then he would pat himself and say "dadda!". Oh well, eventually he'll get it. He's been enjoying cookies and powdered doughnuts at his grandma's house. I give him fruits and watered down juice so needless to say he loves grandma's. He picks up remotes, cameras and phones and acts like he's talking on them all the time. He had his one year check up this past week here in the Ft. Worth area. There's a doctor at FBC Keller that we went to, Dr. Lawson, and he was great. Elisha is up to date on all his shots and is healthy as can be. The Dr. said he is a bit more developed mentally for his age and that physically he's right on track. He is now 24 pounds and 74 cm height. We're now down to one bottle a day. Only at night for sleeping but usually he falls asleep before that since we're on the road, out and about, most nights. Here's some pictures from our photo shoot. You can barely tell there's a logo over them but you can still see how adorable Elisha is!

I love this one... takin off the hat

My two favorite boys in the world

Tummy time

This was one of my favorites too because this is definitely Elisha... runnin with a smile

More to come... probably tomorrow. We just got back from speaking at a singles group at New River Fellowship outside of Weatherford. It was great and we were blessed to be there. A lot of great people.


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