10 November 2008

real quick

I cant post pictures from our old laptop since our newer one has a broken screen. I'll have to go to town to do that. I have some super cute pictures to post! Might take awhile but we'll get a new screen next month when Jim Farmer comes to visit. He's the prayer pastor at our church in San Angelo. He's been like a spiritual father to Bud and I through our journey in Africa. We're really looking forward to his time here. He'll be here the first week of December and stay for around three weeks. Hollie just brewed some fabulous starbucks coffee so i'm off to sip on that and watch Dan in real life with some friends. Tonight we had home made macaroni and cheese, salad and bread. Oh and Peach Kuchen for desert! Then us girls played some games and giggled a lot. Guess this is just a totally random blog to throw out some random stories of whats going on in my mind at this moment. And to show that although we live in this completely different culture that we're totally in love with (well its more of a love-hate relationship) and are so disconnected from the west, well we still get away for fun, normal times. We closed our silly game with some prayers for each other that I was blessed by. I'm so thankful for friendships God has given us. Ok, I'm closing now. Much love, Kimberly


Dalene said...

well come be silly with me in california...!!! get on that, girl! love to the fam

Anonymous said...

Hard work is good for Bud and you can tell him Candace said so. Just kidding. I know the heart that is going in to this for these kids. Really, I am so proud of you Bud. I knew someday God had big plans for your life. I watched some old VBS videos and laughed and laughed. It was the one where you and Boone made faces upside down on your chins. It was so funny. Elisha is absolutely beautiful. I love him so much and he doesn't even know me yet. I continue to pray for your homes and the kids there. Love and miss you all. Candace

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