14 November 2008


I just had a strong cup of coffee so I'm good to go to catch everyone up on this past week. Its 10:30 pm now, WAY past my bed time! I haven't been able to upload pictures because no one in town has a memory card reader. Thankfully our friend Joylin has the same computer that we have (the one elisha crashed, must I be reminded). So we're back to business on this whole blogging thing. Its been a wonderful week. I just now baked some pumpkin bread from scratch in hopes of getting us on the right track in knowing its now November. Wow, already November. Two of the most exciting things that I think happend this week is one, Elisha is walking! And two, Mercy is HIV NEGATIVE! The blog above will have her picture. This blog will be mostly about Elisha and our little family, then i'll post a blog about ministry and our children.
Its been a challenge to get back into a running schedule with Bud. It sounds like Thaddeous will be back next week to help Bud oversee construction. Tomorrow is official starting day of our training. Yikes! We usually go at 8am, then go out to the property. It's really nice weather for running. Usually spring weather in the mornings. Lately its been a bit chilly because the rain is still here. It usually is blazing hot during this time of year. This can be bad because since its past harvesting time, the maize is supposed to be drying out and its not. Here are some fun pictures to tell a bit more about our week...
This is from today. Our little adventurous family on Bud's bike. You can see our dog Arnold on the left.
Baby panda on the loose! Here's Elisha walkin. He improves everyday. I think he'll be running by the time we get to Texas.
Thursday night our friend Whitney came over and we made mexican food. She made a chicken enchilada dish, I made spanish rice and refried beans and Hollie made a spinach salad. Here's Elisha in his auntie Whit's lap enjoying a lemon. Yes he really did enjoy it.
Here's a common activity Elisha likes to do and make his mom a bit ansy. And thats his cheesy smile.
Birthday package from his Nene and Poppa (Bud's parents). Well, Elisha doesn't know its a few weeks early and we could hardly stand keeping a package wrapped so we're guilty, we let him open it early. Elisha sends his thanks to his Nene, Poppa and uncle Ben! He LOVES the gifts.
He caught on REAL quick on opening a package. Of course after he discovered what was inside and played with the toys for a bit, he then enjoyed the box and wrapping paper the best.
Oh fun! We got Boz the bear with a book of Boz and a dvd of Boz. He loves it all!

Tuesday night Hollie kindly watched Elisha for us so Bud and I could have a date. It was fun to get all cleaned up dress nice to go out together alone. We played cards, ate chinese food and talked with no baby crawling on us.

Another blog up ahead,


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