09 November 2008


No pictures today. I haven't taken any new ones in a few days. Last week my darling son caused our laptop and Hollie's camera to break. I turn my attention away from him for two minutes and I pay for it! One morning I had my coffee on the coffee table with Hollie's camera next to it and the next thing I know her camera is IN the coffee! Two days later the computer was pulled off and hit the wrong place and now the screen is broken. So we have quite an expensive child. He's worth it though! Two days ago he just took off and is walking now. He doesn't walk all the time but will take 10-20 steps at a time. Its so crazy. He climbs on the couch, climbs on his high chair, and climbs on top of his walker and sits in it. Anywho, this week Bud is off to workin hard again. Hopefull next week Thaddeous will be back to help and we can get back into our 1/2 marathon training schedule! We have a little over three months till the big day. Not too much out of the ordinary going on this week. Tuesday I'll attend a network meeting with Humphrey and Hollie that'll be at Challenge Farm. There's so many orphanages and street kid programs around here and they're now all coming together to network and share information. This is so needed. Wednesday is "medical" day. Eunice will go back for some therapy and anyone else needing to go will go. We'll take Mercy to get tested for HIV. I'm dreading this moment so please pray for God's mercy and grace. She seems strong and healthy though. More to come.... soon.


Erhardts said...

What ever happened with Mercy? I never heard-just that you were taking her to the Children's Dept?? Are you keeping her as part of your program!?!?! We'll sponsor her!

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