23 November 2008

loooong watoto update

Now onto our children. Our friend Joylin is with a ministry called Global Children's Movement based out of California. She's been here the past year and part of her calling here is to equip children leaders and children in the Lord. She comes out most Saturdays and does some teachings with either our house parents or children. Its really great teachings such as learning to hear the voice of God and how many different ways you do that. A guy from their ministry is building a similar children's home in Bungoma, about an hour from here. She's staying in the Love Mercy house. (it can all get complicated, there's many ministries here and we all intertwine) Love Mercy is the ministry that will be drilling our water bore hole today or tomorrow. Anywho, Joylin has her mom (Joy) and another young woman (Janie) that have come from the states to be here a month. (i'll have to post pics of all these people next time!) Joy and Janie have been coming out to pray with the children and teach them. It's be really great. Today they'll come out once more. After they came out last week our kids decided to play dress up. I found these outfits on the container...

There wasnt really any boy dress up clothes but we turned some thinks into capes and it worked!

This past weekend we celebrated Daisy's birthday. She's so hilarious. She is definitely a leader. She's been asking from the very beginning when her birthday is and every month she claims its hers. Well finally we were able to say you're right! I decided i'd start letting the person whose bday it is, help me bake the cake. This was the first girls bday we've celebrated so thats what made me think to do that. Really I just try and think of things that I remember doing with my mom as a child and try and do them with the children. This is one of those things. I let Daisy wear my apron as well. She had a lot of fun and was great at crackin eggs.

There was a big cake for all the children but we made a tiny cake just for her. Its a shape of a "daisy". How fitting!

I just happend to find this at the last minute. My mom had sent it for the child she sponsored in lemoru but with so many children out there it wasnt really fair to give it so it worked out perfect since my mom has kinda adopted Daisy. (as in she sends her cards and small gifts and talks on the phone with her) SO, this gift was perfect! Daisy wants to be a nurse which makes the gift even more perfect.

Here's a few pictures from this past weekend at our house. The boys really liked our dogs, here they are wrestling with Arnold our gernman shepard.

The last team that came brought some pipe cleaners along with a bunch of school supplies. It's all really came in handy. Especially the pipe cleaner for this day!

This is a picture of Elisha I often find him doing. He loves buckets and more so loves to carry them around. He is such a strong determined little boy. He gets pretty upset when he cant walk just right with the buckets. This is the hallway of our house. If he's out of my sight for a bit I find him wandering into the laundry room to find these buckets.

I'm sure i've posted this pictue. This is from one of the times we were in Nairobi. I've pretty much stopped drinking soda but when it comes to finding dr. pepper in Nairobi, its down good medicine for the soul! I'm posting this picture to say Hollie has left this morning for Nairobi. :( Its great why she's going but im so sad! She is going to be a part of the two weeks before The Call. There's a 24 hr prayer room leading up to The Call. Next Tuesday we'll be going to Nairobi to also be there a few days before The Call. Then a few days after, Hollie will fly out and head back to the States for a few months. She plans to come back with us the end of February next year. Today is usually our day of spending the morning in prayer together, planning our week, and then walking to the Coffee Shop from our house together. Did I mention i'm so sad!!!

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving Thursday! We ordered a turkey so wish me luck on my first time to cook one. Should be interesting. We'll be making a bunch of traditional foods from scratch. Last night we had friends over for dinner and I got to test two pumpkin pie recipes on them. They both turned out good! We plan to have sweet potatoes, stuffing, broccoli and cheese casserole, green beans, mashed taters, salad, peanut brittle and of course pecan and pumpkin pie. My mouth is watering. Of course there are people helping out but for the most part i'll be doing one of my favorite things and cook all morning in my kitchen. Thats it, I know, super long! More updates to come this week. Might be a few days, really not sure! Love you all.


Dalene said...

that dr pepper shot must be at the babtist house? is love mercy the hippie's ministry? ah, ryan i think is his name? in your and bud's photo on the right of the blog, he reeeeally looks like daniel hollander, like a lot. and you of course look gorgeous! much love!

vickypad said...

thank you vicky

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