23 November 2008

Chocolate and White Chocolate babies

The title of this post is referring to Noah and Elisha if you didn't get it. I'll get to them in a bit though. A bit of an overview since I last posted. It's been frustrating not being able to get pictures onto our computer as easy as before. But bear with me, our new screen for our other laptop should be here in a week or so. I have loads of pictures to show but I'll just do half of them today. Its Sunday now and I'm kicking back and recovering from having all our children here this weekend. It was a ton of fun but whew, they're quite a handfull to say the least. We brought them home Friday morning and they just went back today. One of the main reasons we bring them home is to give Isaac and Vivian, our house parents, a break. Once we get more houses full then the house parents can watch each others children. Until then this is what we do! Also its good to bring them here and do lesson 101 on good behavior. We go through training with Isaac and Vivian but its also good for Bud and I to teach them and they know its not just their parents but us as well enforcing. We're having to completly give them a new way of thinking when it comes to the most basic things. Such as "may i please have water", not "water!". Or picking up clothes and bathing well even in your ears and between your toes. They come from living a life of poverty so when we give them something, food or toys, or set out a basket of toys for them to play with, they have this mindset of every child for themself, a defense, like they have to fight to get their right of having something. But we're retraining that mind set. I was told yesterday what a big task we have by a missionary and she wasn't envious of what we do... rightly so! It is a calling and for Bud and I, yes some days are pretty rough but overall its such a joy and God gives the strength and wisdom for every step of the way. Ok I'm heading towards a preachy lengthy post so I'll move onto pictures now....
Elisha and Noah eating suckers together

Playing in their diapers

Elisha is suckin in so you cant tell what a chub he is compared to Noah!

I know, I know, SOOO precious! Bud just rolled his eyes when he came in and saw them. I had fun playing dress up.

About to eat dinner together.

House Two, Raha (Joy) house. Going super quick! Bud said they'd be painting in the next week or two. Pray for those children that will be living in here!

The internet connection keeps going on and off so thats it for now. More to come tomorrow! So check back. Much lovin, kimberly


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