27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are so very thankful for those back home that love and support us. Today was such a wonderful day. I started cooking two days ago and as we all sat to eat today, it was well worth it! It was my first Thanksgiving to cook and host people and it was a success! I loved it. We love having a full house and do it as often as we can. There was about 12 or so people that were here. I made a turkey for the first time and I must say I was impressed. I brined it, which I didn't know what that was last week. By doing that it made it super moist and juicy. It really made us all feel at home. Times like this I really get to missing my family and friends back home but here in our other home, our Kenyan home, we were able to feel a sense of family amongst some of the missionaries. We ate till we couldn't anymore, played cards and watched Elf (christmas movie). Then snacked on dessert... pumpkin pie, chocolate chip pumpkin bread and peanut brittle. Two years ago we were in Kenya for Thanksgiving and it was no where near like this. It was just a few of us and we ate steak. (steak is anything but exciting in kenya) At that time I had no idea we could make a traditional Thanksgiving meal. But you can in fact get a lot of ingredients here and make substitutions for many different things. I even made wheat thins to go with a dip. Anywho it was a memorable Thanksgiving day. I'll post pics of it sometime soon. We're all miserably full and figured out why. None of us got seconds. Here we're used to smaller portions and pretty simple foods. Thanksgiving food is so rich and a ton. I guess in our minds we felt we had to load up our plate and eat it all cause thats what we've done every other year in the U.S. Well mistaken we were and now feelin it!

Bud is staying super busy out at the property as usual. He goes out by 7:30am and sometimes comes in during the day but usually isn't home untill 4 or so. It is hard sometimes, I just want him to be around like before. I know this is a season though and I am super thankful he has work and works his darn hardest. Today we struck water!! I actually don't know how to explain whats going on with them drilling the bore hole but I know it started this morning and is going great. They were supposed to start Monday but were delayed because of a drill bit or something like that. So they started and should be done tomorrow. Then they'll spend a day preparing it and caping it off to make it permanent. As far as house two goes they're just needing to do floors, painting and plumbing and then they're finished! Even today, Thanksgiving day, Bud was out there all morning and then after we ate he went back out there for an hour. We're lookin forward to having our holiday in the states for a few months.

Elisha is about to take off running. He is walking amazingly good. He picked it up fast. He doesn't like to crawl anymore and can go from sitting to standing on his own without having something to help pull him up. He does need a haircut but I'm afraid to try and trim it. I think I'll wait till we're in the states and make a deal of it. So if you see him before his haircut, oh its shabby... but so is his father.

Today Vivian took our kids to their Ampath appointment for HIV treatment. One of the nurses that works with ampath always sees Eunice and they remember each other when Eunice goes. The nurse told Vivian today that its a miracle how much Eunice has changed since we've taken her in. The nurse thought she was mentally insane but sees that she's now that she's now. Thats what happens when children are taken from under the infulence of poverty, depression and fear and now under the love of Jesus! Thank you Jesus! She is doing great learning her ABC's as well now. It's the small things that really make an impact and give us encouragement.

More to come... Love to you all and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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