14 November 2008

hair, mercy and more construction

If you havent read the post below labeled "Family" then go to it and read before reading this post. Then some things might makes sense, maybe not, but maybe so.

We've been coming to the realization that this season of our life is finishing up and we'll be entering into a new one. Its actually convenient how it happens. Usually our trips back to the States is a landmark in finishing up a season and starting a new one. Examples: When we came back from this last trip we put our first children in Mattaw and have Hollie with us long term, the time before that we came back with our first baby, time before that we finished up with interns and some construction and went home to have a baby, time before that we came here with the Caldwell family, bought the Mattaw property and Bud and I were newlyweds, time before that we moved from Lemoru Children's Home to Kitale, time before that I went from being by myself to having Shannon and Bud living in Lemoru with me, time before that Julie and I were together starting out in Kenya for the first time. WOW! And all this is just in the past 3 and 1/2 years! Acceleration, it just keeps going fast pace. In the moment though it seems just right, right on with God's timing. Actually in the midst of it, it sometimes seems slow or sometimes seems way too fast but when we look back we know the Lord's timing over ruled our feelings. (Grace!) Enough of my ramblings... Here's some pictures of this past week to tell the story.

Here's house two, Raha (joy in swahili). Bryson and Nelly will be our house two parents. Bryson is currently a Elementary teacher and Nelly stays at home. We hope to have them moved in by January so that they're adjusted and ready for new children the beginning of March. Oh and if you don't know my fabulous husband, well, this picture gives a glimpse of his personality.

This is Mercy. Sweet, sweet Mercy. She is the girl that was an orphan and her grandmother kicked her out and threatend to kill her. She is so beautiful. We had reported her case to the children's department and nothing really got taken care of. We do know that the grandmother heard of it being reported and she locked up her house and ran away. Mercy is now living with a family down the street that our house dad, Isaac, found for her. They seem to be great people that have taken her in as their own. Mercy already calls the woman of the household "mama". And haleluiah! Mercy was tested this past week for HIV and is NEGATIVE! We were so joyful. She is just too precious. Every week we've (i say we, but i drop her and Hollie off at the hospital so really its Hollie) been taking her to get medical attention on her legs. She had these awful wounds that were badly infected. They're almost gone. She has to go for shots and re-bandaging a few times a week. She's back in school thanks to the family that took her in. Her life as been radically changed. We hope to be part of her life long-term. We've pretty much taken her in as our own.

Today Hollie and I took the girls to town to get their hair done. It was an all day event. We started at 9:30 and didn't get home untill 3:30. They were so happy. These women doing their hair were amazing. We went to this hole in the wall salon but were happy with the hair do's. Each girl took about 2-3 hrs and the cost was a bit less than $2. This is Sharon below...


After they all finished. We had some french fries for lunch. They waited SO patiently while their hair was being done. We had to finish our lunch in the car because some drunk man came up yelling at Hollie and I to celebrate Obama. Pish posh. There was no feeling of being in danger, just annoyed!

Sharon and Daisy waiting for the other girls to finish up. Arent they all so adorable!?

This was construction after I had come back with the girls. Amazing what all they got done in one day! (scroll back up to see the difference) Maybe in America it wouldn't seem that much? Not sure. But here it was a great accomplishment!

Thats it for now. Tomorrow morning is Saturday morning. We've moved our women's prayer breakfast to Saturdays. We're having it at our house this time. Hollie is going to fix her Aunt Mary Lou's infamous waffles. I'm lookin forward to it! Then in the afternoon, Joylin with Global Children's Movement, is coming to continue spiritual training on teaching our children. A week from Monday Hollie leaves to go to Nairobi. They're opening a 24 hr prayer house in Nairobi, 2 weeks before The Call. She is going to be a part of that. She then flys out two days after The Call! So she'll be saying her see you laters this week and wrapping things up to end this season here. Pray for her in this time. Next week our friend that has a bore hole digging ministry will be back from the States and hopefully soon after will be digging us some water! Please pray for this to go quickly and all the funds to be there. Much more to come. Thanks for hangin in there and reading this looooong post!
much love to you all across the pond,


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