06 November 2008

11 months

Today Elisha is 11 months old. Wow. Time is going by so fast. I can't believe in a month he'll be a year old! He has quite the personality with a lot of energy like his father. He is taking steps now but just hasn't taken off walking on his own yet. Soon though. Today I came home to Violet walking with him with him just holding her hand with one hand. Here's a picture of him today as an 11 month old...

Yesterday our boxes came in from my mom. My mom was so sweet to send us a halloween package with lots of goodies. Here's Elisha with some of his goodies. We all got texas socks as well. (including hollie!) Elisha has his on in the picture. Thanks Grandma!

In one of the boxes sent we got hats for all the children from a group of women from FBC Keller. They made them and I know wove some love into them as well. The children were so happy to get them.

Here's just a precious picture of baby Noah. He's so photogenic! How could I resist.

Here's Hollie with Euni. Not sure if I put the great news about her in the previous blog. If so, well its such great news its worth sharing twice. Hollie went with her and Vivian yesterday to a mobile clinic that Kijabe medical missions comes and does once a year. Euni has cerebral palsey which has affected the left side of her body. The muscles in her wrist and ankle are messed up. There was an american doctor that saw her yesterday. Great news, she will be getting surgery done in March on her leg!!! When she's about 12 they'll do another surgery on her hand. We're so excited for her! She is really doing great. We had some issues with her just adjusting and all but she is doing so well. And we're so greatful for Hollie. I really wished I could of been there yesterday but thankful we could have Hollie go. She's helping us a ton in the medical area. (in many other areas as well but mainly in this way)

The two pictures below are of construction as of today. I'll say again, Bud is workin his rear off. He's doing great though. It's amazing the grace and wisdom God is giving him to get everything together and working with construction. In this picture you can see Bud walking across with his stylish mud boots. It's raining a lot still causing delay in supplies getting to the property. Supplies such as sand, stone, cement, etc. Last year at this time is was really dry and no rain.

Today Hollie went with me to make our food delivery to Mary and her family. You can see the excitement Mary had to get bread. That girl LOVES bread. When she was in the hospital thats all she would ask us to bring everytime we would visit her. Mary's father wasn't there because Bud hired him to work on construction. They were incredibly greatful for the food and asked I waited for them to change so they could look nice for the picture. Much thanks to Cheryl and your husband for yalls support!And I'll close with some goofy pictures from today. There's always time to be a kid with our kids!

This is Daisy wearing Hollie's sunglasses. Hollie is getting her hair styled by Maureen. Maureen looks like she's not sure what to do with the mass amount of hair Hollie has.

Sharon and I. We just giggled and giggled at the MANY pictures we took of ourselves making funny faces together. This was one of many...

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Mariano Madness said...

Hey Kim! I CANNOT believe Elisha is so big!! Of course, last time I saw him he was a tee-tiny baby ;) He is a cutie...I was cracking up at the pic where he just woke up (several posts ago) and his hair is crazy! That is how Aiden's hair looks almost all the time :) Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and am so encouraged by your heart to LOVE kiddos and people!!

Erhardts said...

Hi K- LOVE the pics! Elisha is getting soooo big! He's such a handsome guy! The kiddos are changing and wow-Noah looks so great! God has been so good to you and those kids!!
We are planning to see you in Feb at the marathon..either by flight or by driving!!! TJ is especially determined to get a good time :) He's running in the snow now!!!

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