08 October 2008


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on you OWN understanding but in ALL your ways acknowledge the Lord and He WILL make your paths straight" proverbs 3:5-6

Its during times like this that this scripture is totally aplicable. Our children are doing so wonderful which in the eyes of a social worker or therapist, it would seem like the children shouldn't be right now because of their background. They've been in the home a little over a month and are doing great. Our house parents shared with us a few days ago that during the week that we were gone to Uganda, the Lord really moved in the lives of the children. I really wished I could of been part of it but excited it hapend. The parents have already built trust with the children where they are starting to open up about their past and receive healing from the Lord. Wahoo! Daisy and Geoffrey are coming from a catholic street kid program where I don't think they would dance or clap during worship. Daisy and Geoffrey would just stand there for the first week or two during worship and prayer. Now they are praising Jesus through singing, clapping and dancing. Isaac has been teaching them a lot about prayer. None of the kids would pray at first. Except John would say a two line prayer. Last week Isaac shared that there was one night that they had prayer and devotion time and at the end they all prayed out loud to themselves. It ended up turning into a 2 hour prayer time. Holy Spirit came and the kids prayed out to the Lord non stop for TWO HOURS!! We could tell a difference in them when coming back from Uganda.

We are starting to go through some trials. More so for Bud and I, not our children. We're trying to get everything organized and running with much excellence and integrity and are getting a bit overwhelmed. The task is not too big for us because thankfully its not me thats "doing" but just being in Christ and following His leading. Thankfully the burden is not ours. Today we found out that our water well has completely gone dry. Yesterday we took Geoffrey to town to get some testing because he's been sick. We found out he has typhoid. We're pretty sure that he had it before coming to the home but not for sure. You get typhoid from dirty water. Bud went today to meet with a surveyor to come out and get our land surveyed so we can get a bore hole drilled as soon as possible. We're pretty sure all the funds are there to get it so that's good. It's just a matter of time and getting the permit and drilling company to come out. Bud thinks it'll be about a month. So we have some urgent prayer request. First of all that Geoffrey would no longer have typhoid and that none of the other children get it. Also that we would not be stressed out about this problem but that we'd be able to find the means to get water out there, and they'd have more than enough untill the bore hole is drilled. In case you dont know the language I'm talking in regards to the water holes.... a water well is a hand dug one that is around 30 ft deep, and a bore hole is dug down by a drilling rig and can be anywhere from 60 to a few hundred feet. I'm not sure on all the details, thats Bud's area. Thank you so much for your prayers. I'll keep you posted.

Much love,


Erhardts said...

Praise God for the work the Holy Spirit is doing in Mattaw! Oh, how we miss those precious children. We pray for you daily Bud and Kim, and for the kids there. We will pray for healing and protection for the kids while you wait for the borehole to be dug. You guys are doing a fabulous job! One day at a time walking alongside Jesus the whole way. Love you!

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