09 October 2008

full house

Today was quite an eventful but regular day. We headed out to the home this morning with our social worker, Humphrey, and spent some time doing office work out there. Hollie is doing an amazing job at getting medical files together for each child so she worked on that some. Humphrey has been getting together the complete history and information on each child so he worked on that. As for me, I went through every child's storage box and organized it. Also helping to organize things around their house. We then went to try and find the chief of our area so that Humphrey could meet him and also to make a report on Mercy. She came to our property a few weeks ago. She heard there were white people around so she came pleading for help. She's about 13 yrs. old (but so little and frail) and was just in rags and desperate. Her parents have died and she lives with her grandmother who is abusive and neglects her. The night before she slept on the street because her grandmother chased her away and threatend to kill her if she came back. We found a neighbor to us to take care of her for the time being. She is SO beautiful. Sometimes people, well maybe more often than not, will come up with outrageous stories to get money from foreigners. With her though, I could see it in her eyes that it was so real. The injustice makes my heart shout. I just wrapped her in my arms and cried out for help that only comes from above. The gospel of the good news has to be more than a ticket into heaven for her. I pray Jesus would provide her every need and give her a hope and future!

So onto the rest of our day. Bud spent all morning running errands for the home and came out with a huge water storage tank and rain gutters. We then sat all the children down and had lesson 101 on cleaning and taking good care of their things. This morning Dixon, who is with Buckner International, came by our house. He brought shoes and socks donated from an NGO, I believe called Souls for Africa. They were given for Seed of Hope orphanage but he had a few boxes left. So this afternoon our children got brand new, super nice, sandals. We then let them know that we'd be having them over to our house tomorrow to play games, watch movies and stay the night. They're super pumped! So are we! It'll be a blast. I am wondering what we're thinking but it'll be fun. Hollie reminded me today of what Heidi Baker says "there's so much healing in play time, its just as important as the other stuff". Its so true. So we're just going to play hard tomorrow. We'll post some pictures next blog.

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