05 October 2008

10 months old!!!

"mom and dad fight over their new chair but I get priority over it"
" See my new teeth! "
"These are my new toys that came off the container! "
"Im so cute "
"You caught me, I'm playing with a soccer ball not a football... dont let my paw paw see this!"
"If you must, you can take one more picture mom but I wont give a real smile"

wow, time is going by so fast! Today Elisha is 10 months old! Sometimes its so odd to say I have a 10 month old. He's growing so fast, makes me have baby fever again... not so sure Bud thinks the same! Well, Elisha is scootin and on the go almost all the time. He is into everything and would rather climb and pull up on things rather than play with cool new toys. He now has 6 teeth. It's some hard work to get teeth in this boy, for he and I both! Fever, caugh, pain, runny nose, constipation, fuss pants, its difficult! He could definitely take off walking right now... if he wanted to. He thinks crawling and mommy carrying him around is better. We were on our trampoline and he wasn't paying much attention and took a step on his own. The trampoline came on the container. We plan to have our children over this weekend to play on it and watch a movie. Elisha really likes to jump on it. Makes me a bit nervous when his dad gets on there with him. He is eating more now but knows what he wants. He mostly eats bannanas, oatmeal, eggs, any kind of bread (including cake!), and chicken. Last night he had macaroni for the first time and enjoyed it.
Two days ago, while Bud was in Uganda, we headed out to hang out at Mattaw. Linda, our friend in college, came to visit. We brought the children mandazi and passion fruit for breakfast. (mandazi is like a doughnut with no hole). Hollie and I took the boys back into town to get their heads shaved while Elisha stayed with Linda and all the girls. Half way to town our car just stopped running while I was driving! So we wait for a bit, make plans for someone to come get us and then it just started running again. We made it to town and took it into the mechanic. (not really "into" a mechanic, like there isn't a garage or anything like that. It's this back ally that you have to dodge massive pot holes to get there. But the mechanic, Kimotho, was trained in Germany and is really good. So we took the car there and with all 5 boys walked more into town. (the mechanic is pretty much in town) It was cute, we all held hands, I was carrying Noah and Hollie was carrying Nehemiah. I wish I had a picture. We got a lot of looks from the busy town. We got to a shoe place to get Aaron shoes and it started pouring rain. We stood under shelter for 30 min or so then went to get the boys head shaved. I also wish I had a picture of this. We cramed in this little hole in the wall barber shop also found down an ally. (not dangerous AT ALL, dont worry mom) By this time about 2 hrs had gone by. I get word that our car is ok to drive for now but will have to go into the shop Monday and stay a long time. The a/c motor is jamed and the belt snaped that goes around the a/c motor and power steering. So for the weekend I drove it with those things out. (wow, do I sound like I know what I'm talking about with the car or what?!) So eventually we made it back out to the home and found Elisha happy as can be playing with the girls. It was during the time when we were wet standing under shelter waiting for the rain to stop that the phrase that TJ woke up in his head came to mind... "come to Africa where you can always be uncomfortable!" (you have to say it like on a infomercial) It was fun though and we were glad it was the boys we had, not the girls!


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ahh, i want to be there with you! much love

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