20 October 2008


Yes, I just made a post yesterday. I haven't been on the internet in almost a week so I guess I'm making up for it. Today was Kenyatta day here in Kenya. Kenyatta was the first president of Kenya. (he passed away some years ago) So it was a public holiday. This meant we took the day off and recovered from all the traveling from Nairobi. It's so nice to be home. I also miss our children a bunch. I'm excited to go out and see them tomorrow. So today I went a little nutty taking pictures of Elisha. I guess, well, I'm a bit nutty about him! He just discovered how to put his finger up his nose. He's been watching his dad too much. We'll be breaking those bad manners before they start!

In Nairobi we went down to a second hand clothes market and found some shoes for Elisha. So cute! Super cheap and practically brand new. He's growing so fast. We didn't bring back shoes the size he's now but thankfully found these!

Both sportin their New Balance tenni shoes.

Cute little innocent face

Chocolate messy hyper face

The only picture I have from Nairobi. And its from Hollie's camera. This is our favorite drink from Java House. Its a Malindi Macchiato (im sure I mis spelled that)


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