19 October 2008

kids at our house... continued

Here's more pictures from last weekend when we had all our children stay at our house. Go one or two blogs before this to read the story. It was a super fun weekend. We hope to do it again in November sometime. Today we just got back from Nairobi. I am so happy to be home! We had fun but there's no place like home. We mainly went to get Elisha's shots. There's a what they call a well baby clinic at a hospital that we trust that we went to. We could of gotten most of them here but for one, our friend Marlies got her sons here last year and they gave him an expired shot and he got measles soon after and for two, I found out the shot given here would of been a cheaper one that has more side effects and causes more pain. SO, it was way worth it to go to Nairobi just for that. So dont you dare judge us for that! :) Hollie and Joylin went with us. They had a thing or two to do as well. My sweet, sweet hubby was so kind to watch Elisha one morning while us girls, including Marleis (who is temporarily living in Nairobi), went and got our hair done. It was so fun. Bud walked around the mall and came by to see how far along we were. I was like "honey, we're having girl time!". He says "your not even talking or side by side to talk". "But we're all in the same room, just us girls, doing girl stuff!" It was quite an event for us since we don't ever get to do those kind of things around here. We ate some yummy java house food and then spent the remaining days at the guesthouse saving money. That tends to happen when going to Nairobi. The prices are SO much higher than Kitale. So we headed home yesterday but because of a minor delay we ended up staying in Nakuru last night. We so just wanted to be home. (we had car trouble, no worries though! we're ok!) We got Elisha's shots and are finally up to date with all of them. All the ones in the past he's cried hard but to my surprise he made one grunt when the nurse first put the needle in, and then just layed there while the nurse injected the stuff! Such a brave lil fella. When we go to "The Call" in December we'll get more for him. I'll talk more on The Call next time. Check out the website http://www.thecall.co.ke/. I didn't take one picture while in Nairobi so here's some from last week for now...

All the baby's Saturday morning playing while all the children ate pancakes.

Eatin pancakes. I can't believe I made pancakes from scratch for 16 people! We brought in another table in our dining room so we could all sit together.
Noah and Elisha playin so cute together.
This is Noah saying "get outta the way brother, I need to drive this thing!"

Hollie pushing Aroni on the swing

All the children ready to go to church Sunday morning.

More to come in the next few days. Thanks for all the comments. We love yall! Oh and Candace- Bud and I were saying today that for sure we have to make time to swing by Peaster this time we're home. We'll be back in Texas the first of January for a month or so. Then back here for 1 1/2 years!


lynn said...

Hi Kim!
I didn't find your email so thought I'd talk to you this way. Elisha has grown SO much and looks like a bundle of fun! Gail and Jim gave me the info--I told them I wanted to help suppport Noah--he's so adorable and God just put him in my heart!! I just want to squeeze him up and rock him like all our babies in Babies A FBCKeller! I've got your blog on my favorites now--my email is lynn.ryals@gmail.com if you have any special prayer requests for him specifically. Love to all your family there!

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