23 October 2008

A Thursday

Yesterday was somewhat a normal day. We spent most of the day doing office work or out at Mattaw. Things are going great out there. The children are really making it their home. They are into a good schedule, learning the rules, doing great in school, and learning to love. Of course there's always room for improvement but given the circumstances I'd stay its going great! (being more organized and clean in particular, but a borehole and plumbing will help that... just a few more weeks to come) We've decided for halloween we're going to have a party at our house for the children. There are a bunch of costumes that came on the container that we're going to dig out. We'll have the slippin slide, bobing for apples, tons of candy, popcorn balls, and games. Of course it wont be called halloween for them. Any suggestions for the name of the day? Or any game suggestions? Our resources are limited for games. Every night the children continue to worship and pray with the house parents. The end of November they go on holiday for a month and a half or so. Bud asked them if there was anything they'd like to do... go to the musem? go on safari? go swimming? Well, Daisy, was quick to answer- "we want to go pray for the sick!" Wow. Really? What 9 yr old wants to go pray for the sick on their holiday? One that has been totally transformed by Jesus. We're seeing if we can arrange for them to go to The Call in Nairobi with us on Dec 6th. (www.thecall.co.ke) It's an all day "Call" to fast and pray for the nation of Kenya. There's one in the states every year for American that was started by a man named Lou Engle. Our friends from Holland that live in Kitale, Daniel and Marleis, are putting one on in Kenya. There's supposed to be an estimated 400,000 Kenyans attend it! They are living there for now to prepare and put it together. They've had so much favor with really high up key leaders. They're hoping for the president to come. Its not a conference or concert but a day of prayer, worship and fasting for the nation of Kenya. It starts in the morning and goes till 6pm. I'm so excited for this day. Their saying for it is that the world watched Kenya start out the year in chaos and war but will watch it end with revival. God TV will be airing the event which airs around the world to MANY different people and nations. There are people organizing for children to be involved in it as well so we're hoping to get in on that and bring our children. Please be in prayer for this day! And also that day is a big event for our family! Elisha will turn 1 years old. But we'll save the cake for that night. We'll probably wait to have a party when we're back in the states. Enough talkin, here's some pictures from yesterday....

Daisy and Sharon

Our children singing for us yesterday. It was so precious. You gotta come visit and hear them!

Noah. When no one was looking he took his shorts off and stuck them on his head. He's deffinitely coming around. Still very weak from malnurishment but still improving.

And of course, the cutest baby of all. This is him ready to go out to Mattaw. Paci in mouth so that nothing else goes in the mouth and hat on head so we dont get burnt.

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Candace said...

Ideas for games...Any kind of races...Maybe egg in a spoon or sack races, three legged race, orange under your neck and pass it to the next person. hope this helps

Dalene said...

these photos are beautiful! love you guys

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