31 October 2008

dress up party!

Yesterday we had a dress up party with our children. Of course we have no intention of introducing halloween to them, but took the day and made it our dress up party day. On the container there were a bunch of costumes. Just enough for all of our children to have an outfit. We had superman, power rangers, space man, incredibles, and tons of princesses. They had a blast and we did too getting to watch them. Hollie, Linda, and I made popcorn balls that morning which was sticky fun. Our friend Whitney came for lunch and joined us for the afternoon. While we played, Bud was out at the property starting back on construction. He feels that if he's out there working everyday that house two will be finished before Christmas. Just in time for house two parents to move in. We wont put children in it until we get back in February. I think we'll have a team thats coming in March welcome house two children. House two is called Raha, meaning joy in swahili. And what a joy it will be to get to welcome a whole new bunch of children home. Please pray for those that God already knows by name and that our social worker, Humphrey, will be lead to find them.
Thursday was quite a busy day for us as well. That morning we took four of our children to their Ampath appointment. Ampath is an NGO that gives free HIV treatment. The office is at the district hospital in Kitale. We went at 8:30 and were there untill 12:30. Also, I dont know if you remember me telling you about Mercy. She's an orphan about 14 years old. She came to our property one day in tears and desperation. Her grandmother was abusive and at that point had kicked her out and threatend to kill her if she came back. She's now living with a nearby family and going to school. She has some really bad wounds on her legs so she came to the hospital as well. Hollie took Mercy to get checked out and I went with Vivian to take the kids to their apointment. It was packed at the apointment. Because we're a children's home, they let us come through the front of the lines. They first had to check in and get their files. Then to another room for weight, temperature and blood pressure. Then another room to see a doctor. Then off to another room for the medicine. Then the nutritionist, then finished. And GREAT news... they've all improved! We pray everyday that God would heal their bodies of this terrible disease and He is answering. They get tested for their white blood cell count. I'm not too knowlegable on it but learning. So after all that we went to town for lunch. I sat next to Mercy and got Vivian to translate for me. She had never been to town, never had a soda, and never had eaten french fries until that time. She is such a beautiful girl and I know God has a hope and future for her life. After eating lunch we all went and met Bud and the rest of the children at the show grounds. This week there's a Kitale aggriculture and show going on. Humphrey and our teacher Lydia met us as well to help take the children around. Its like a fair but africa style. A lot off aggriculture stuff, games, performances, loud music, rides, face painting, camel riding, etc. It was interesting but we only stayed an hour and were well ready to leave. The children all got their face painted and they were happy. Bud of course just droped children off and was back out to the property for more workin. Well thats it for now, there's so much more from this week but thatll be for another time. Here's pictures from yesterday.
Here's our boys from left to right. Gideon as a power ranger, Noah as a giraffe, Jeftah as an incredible, John as superman, Geoffrey as a power ranger, Nehemiah as a sports player, and Aroni as an astronaut.

Our girls from left to right. Maurine as a bride, Daisy as a princess, Eunice as an angel and Sharon as a princess.

Me and my good friend Whitney from Texas. She's a therapist helping with Challenge Farm, a street kids rehabilitation home.

Geoffrey, John, and Jeftah with Elisha

Me and my little giraffe boy!

Me and princess Sharon


Whitney said...

I am so so so encouraged by your work here Bud and Kim. You guys radiate the love of Christ and are so loving to these kids. I should know as i seem to always be around (be quiet Bud!...)
I love you both and am praying for house two!!!

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