26 October 2008


So close to walking! I realized part of why I'm training for a 1/2 marathon. So when Elisha is walking I'll be in plenty good shape to keep up with him! He is such a climber and into everything right now. I can't imagine how it'll be when he can walk/run! Who knows, it could be a few more months before he takes off. We weren't paying attention for two seconds and looked over at him chomping on Ian's potatoe chips today. Tomorrow starts a busy week. We'll be having a lot of staff meetings. Bud will be trying to get construction of house two up and going more. He'll be putting rain gutters up tomorrow on house one. I'll be meeting with our social worker to start doing couseling with our children and house parents. Mostly on basic things such as how the parents interact and talk to the children (no problems there, just going over all that stuff). Getting the children and house parents more organized and clean. Maybe build a cow pen for the few cows out there. Organizing more of the stuff in the container. Getting halloween stuff together for Friday with the children. We're having a dress up party. There's costumes on the container. We found many many princess dresses, super hero outfits, a cat outfit, a super start outfit, a 70's person, and a giraffe. Should be fun! Much more to come this week. OH and GO COWBOYS!!! We were super duper pumped to see our first cowboys game this year tonight. And they won! Whoohoo!! Here's our bundle of joy...

Taking a step (and soon after crashing into dad's arms)


Just precious


Aunt Kim said...

Look at him Go!! Pierce took 2 steps, one time, now he wont even stand up on his own when I let him go. Guess he is recovering from all that hard work.
I am sending off a package to Elisha in a few days in hopes it will make it by his Birthday. Email me any requests you all need. Stuff to make a Thanksgiving Dinner that you cant get there?? Formula?
We are moving to TEXAS!

Dalene said...

aw he is so precious!!! what size shoe do you think he'll wear in january?
love you guys!

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