02 November 2008

so big

Such a big little baby boy! This is from today. More to come tomorrow.


Honea Household said...

He is so cute, ya'll!

Keri and Chad said...

Hello Kimberly I am Keri I went to school with Bud. I think what you guys are doing over there is awesome. Glory to God!! Your kiddos are all beautiful!! I spoke to our missions director and told him about you guys. He would like to get some info and see if we can do a mission trip to come serve there in Kenya. He is trying to line out our trips for next year and said he would love to bring a group to Kenya. If this sound like something that would bless you guys let me know becuase he would need your info a.s.a.p. to organize a trip. You can contact me through our blog or on myspace, Bud has me as a friend. Can you get me the best way to contact you guys and I will forward it on to him. His name is Pat. I hope this works out, my husband and I would love to come serve. Thanks!

Aunt Kim said...

Look him standing!! Such a big boy now.
I have your box all ready but cant find Maple Extract, I am heading to Walmart tommorrow and will check there but then my resources in the Metropolis of Blytheville are tapped. Starbucks even closed down, Zach is still recovering from the trauma.
Any other requests just email real quick, i cant get to the Post Office till Thursday anyhow. Does Hollie have any special requests??

We are now moving to HOUSTON now! So much better! We will be there in Januaryish.

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