13 September 2008

More pics of our children

Here's some more pictures of our beautiful children! They are doing so great. Yesterday we took four of them to the doctor. Actually Hollie and Vivian took them, we dropped and picked them up. There is a lot of personality let me tell ya. They are hilarious! Please pray for those that are sick:

-Eunice, 7 yrs old, has wounds all over her, so painful its hard to sit.
-Obadiah, rashes on face spreading.
-Aaron, 5 yrs old, horrible ear infection that wakes him up at night.
-baby Noah, malnurished and rashes all over body that wake him up at night.

Also pray for Monday! We start our school. It'll just be like homeschooling for now. We just hired a certified teacher that is so sweet. She will teach Monday-Friday from 8am-12:20pm. We've made daily schedules so pray for easy transition into it. The children aren't very used to structure in their life. Also pray for an outpouring of the love of Jesus. They are in desperate need for a touch from the Healer and Father. (as we all are!) We've been having a BLAST getting to love on these children and just run around with them. Our days have become so incredibly busy right now, which we love, but pray for times of rest for Bud, Hollie, and me. We love you all and thanks for your comments and rejoicing with us during this exciting time!
From left to right: Daisy, Maurine, Sharon, Eunice

From left to right: Aaron, John, Gideon, Geoffrey, Jeftah and Nehemiah

Me bathing baby Noah


Whitney said...

well, i left a huge comment and it disappeared. blah to kenya internet. anyway, CONGRATS and praying for you and your work! invite me to supper. I am so proud of you and all youre doing in Kenya!

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