15 September 2008

always time for baby boy

although this week has been super busy with accepting our beautiful new kenyan kids, we for sure have made time to spend with our blue eyed child. here's an afternoon in our yard with Elisha...

Everytime we go outside to play it takes awhile to figure out that the grass is fun to crawl through. He has some reservations.

Yea!! We're standing on our own for a few seconds now!! Not so sure I'm ready for this.

I love my baby boy... he's the cutest thing ever

So we're conviced his first word is "mbwa" which is dog in swahili. He loves our dogs, chuck and arnold. He just giggles when they run up and lick him.

His two favorite things to play with are the dogs and balls. He was pumped to discover he can hold on to the pole by himself and play with the ball.

I was a bit scared from this picture for the obvious reasons

He loves swingin with his dadda

Here's before church this past Sunday. These are all of our children, ALL of them including Ian and Elisha. From left to right is Daisy holding Elisha, me holding Noah, Sharon, Eunica, Maurine, Ian next to me, Nehemiah (the little one standing in front), Jeftah, Geoffrey, John (next to Ian), Gideon (in the purple) and Aaaron. Ahhhh... i love them so much.


Aunt Kim said...

Elisha is getting so big! You better watch out,standing on his own comes right before walking! Could you please tell Bud to tie a rope around Elisha when they are swinging, that pic almost gave me a heart attack too. Oh, and to get a haircut.
Everyone looks great and so happy!

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