09 September 2008


Praise the Lord we just got our children today! Unexpectedly Bud popped into the children's department after lunch just to see if anyone was around and haleluiah they gave the ok to put in children! Bud called and said "dont go running outside screaming when i tell you this" so i wasnt sure if it was bad or good, but ended up being the answer to prayer and something i've been waiting for for the past couple years. he quickly came home and off we went to rescue the children. first we went and got john and eunice, then went and got maureen, sharon, aron and noah and lastly got daisy and geoffrey. when we had them all piled in the car i looked back at them all, all being goofy and giggly, and felt a peace, a joy deep within and really had to fight back crying. (i didnt want to freak them out) these children have no idea the big futre God has for them! to an extent i really feel like we just birthed 8 children. the joy, excitement, waiting forever, planning, getting, and now exhausted! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled. SO many hopes and dreams just came true in my life today. ok ill stop talking and show some pictures from today/tonight. oh and it was so great the reaction isaac and vivian had to bringing in the children. they've been waiting and waiting in great anticipation. when we drove down our road and picked them up with the kids they greeted them with so much excitement. tonight watching them interact with them was so great as well. they just loved on them and already were treating them as their own. their birth-children also welcomed the children as their new brothers and sisters. they really hit it off great and bonded. a lot of excitement!
Here they are right after we arrived at the home. They're dressed how they came. Some arent smiling but did in other pictures. Really, none of them were scared or not sure of coming, they were all really happy to be there and made themselves right at home. From left to right... John, Noah, Maureen, Eunice, Aron, Daisy, Geoffrey, Gideon, Jephtah, Sharon, sitting is Nehimiah, and on the ground sitting is Obadiah.

The boys really had a blast running around and found the wheel barrow.

Here's me with my boys! I'm so so so happy that we also brought in Noah. He is cousin to Maureen, Aron, and Sharon. He's about 14 months old.

Elisha had his share of fun as well. Daisy and Maureen loved carrying him around. Elisha was all about that.

Above is baby Noah. Below is the first meal we all took together. We went all out and celebrated! We had rice and beef stew with juice and sweets for dessert.


The Beavers said...

Wow...what an eventful day! We are so happy to see you guys fulfilling this dream! Love you all.

Aunt Kim said...

YAY!! Congrats! They all look so happy and CUTE!

Rachel said...

Kim, that is so exciting! Praise the Lord for this blessing and answer to many prayers. I've been following your blog for a few months now and am praying for you guys (and the children) and rejoicing with you!

Erhardts said...

you'd better watch out...we might sneak some kids back with us in our suitcase!!!! They are ADORABLE!!! So excited to meet them!

Dalene said...

shdkl;boadkdopas!!!! ( i couldn't think of any words i know that will express how i feel!). we're so happy for you guys! congrats! wish we could be there. michelle said she told yall about the GBO, or whatever it is.. i hope that works out! oorah for all your kiddos!! much love

vickypad said...

we are praying for you

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