06 September 2008

elisha david huffman... at nine months old

today elisha is 9 months old! time just flies by when you're having so much fun. i love having a baby and it seems he wont be one for much longer. let me explain the picture below before you think im crazy. my friend clea who lives here in kitale, has four children. she's the one with her youngest being eliJah who is a month or so older than my eliSHa. she started infant potty training with her baby when he was about 5 months or so. i thought it was crazy, i mean really, potty training a baby? but it works! i was such a skeptic and honestly got tired of hearing about. well a week ago, after the price of diapers went up a dollar and i wiped off poop one too many times, i gave it a go. well, elisha now poops and pees in the potty! no, not on his own, like he doesnt have a signal or grunt he tells me but i just kinda guess when he'll go and i stick him on. sometimes he goes right away, sometimes after 30 min or so. the point is he gets used to it now so that when he's at the age that he can decide to go to the toilet it'll be much easier. clea's 2 year old goes after a meal and gets her toilet, pulls her pants down on her own, sits and goes, then dumps it in the toilet and flushes. hey, if it works, ill try it. to each is own, every child is different, every mom is different. life over here is a whole other ball game. so 9 months old and sittin on a potty!

he's even so talented as to read a book and sit on the toilet. i tell ya, we under estimate what children are capable of!


Aunt Kim said...

thats so cute. he needs to come give Collin some pointers! Pierce wouldnt sit still long enough for me to even attempt that!

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

i have been doing that with eli for a while... you arent crazy... and even though everyone has their own opinions... remember that's all they are. you are a fantastic mom and im sorry that our society makes us feel like we have to "explain" that we aren't crazy. if you look on my blog i have potty pictures too! its fun and eli and i both hate diapers so it works for us too! hope yall are doing well. i cant believe our little men are growing up so fast!

vickypad said...

Ok, I'm feeling sooo guilty, Javier's whole family tells me he was potty trained at 9 months, and walking to the potty pretty soon after that. I did not think they were lying, I just thought maybe they forgot. I gotta tell you, you made me a beleiver! Way to go Elisha! Oh, and reading. Just too cute.

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