06 September 2008

fellowship home church

its been quite a busy but relaxed time lately. last sunday we had baptisms, amazing. our hearts were over joyed to see lives transformed. there were two adults, two youths, and three children that were baptized. over 10 have recieved the Lord for the first time. our house dad, isaac, living on the property with his family truly walks out the life of Jesus. right now he will do some work on the land or in the garden but mostly goes out into the village to minister, evangelize and pray with people. during the week vivian, our house mom, has fellowships with the women. one of the new believers that was baptized is lucas. he's is the father of mary, the one that we took to the hospital and was miraculously saved from death. lucas was known as a drunkard and lives in completely poverty. after taking mary back home we encouraged them to come to our home fellowship sunday mornings and that we'd be delivering some food once a month thanks to cheryl from fbc keller who is sponsoring them now. he started coming, the Spirit pierced his sould and he has radically changed under the name of Jesus! wahooo!!!! victory! this is what its about. isaac said now he doesnt drink or smoke and is a changed man. this week we delivered food and going into their little mud hut and meeting with lucas was so different we could just sense a transformation. he brought up us praying for them and was joyful. before he seemed so worn out with no joy and had hardly any response to us. during the week we're starting discipleship classes where we'll be going through foundation biblical principals with the new believers and anyone else wanting to join. please pray for these times and that these truths would not become head knowledge but a true revolution to them so that it wouldnt puff them up but draw them closer to the Lord, to be more Christ-like. today we're going out to mattaw to have a house parent meeting. there's a young woman from the states that will be doing training on teaching children for the next four saturdays. some amazing teachings that will grow these children in children of the King that expand the kingdom of God here on earth. there's no jr. Holy Spirit for children... same Spirit, same power, same results as when we pray for the sick, the broken hearted, share the gospel, etc. actually probably more results since they already have faith as a child. anywho, more to come. kimberly


Gary Andrew Clarke said...

Hey Huffmans, just wanted to let you know that it sounds like your doing a great job. I have a great admiration for you and also a little envy that you are working for the kingdom and by the sounds of it seeing great results.

Thankyou Jesus!

God Bless


Kim said...

I am so glad that everyone is feeling better, i worry about ya'll getting sick so often but at least it seems to pass quickly. Did you get your kids yet?? We havent had pictures in a while, i dont want to miss my favorite nephew growing up you know.

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