13 August 2008

happy birthday!

me and my beautiful birthday cake!
at the fireplace church a few weeks ago. me, elisha, firkirte, and hollie. firkirte is from ethiopia, we met her through our friend ryan.
at nakuru park... our friend was being camera shy and decided his back side was his better side.
daisy... one of our kids soon to come into mattaw! and below is her brother Geoffery.

to me! tuesday was my birthday. im 24 now! it was a wonderful day. i have to brag on my husband some... he woke up and took care of elisha at 6:30am and let me sleep in. then he woke me up with breakfast in bed. blueberry waffles just the way i like them and a fresh pot of cinnabon coffee. then we hit the road for nakuru. the next morning we got up and went for a safari in nakuru then headed to nairobi. ian and hollie are with us as well. ian really enjoyed seeing all the animals. we saw giraffe, monkeys, rhinos, buffalo, water bucks, hyenna, ostrich, a clound of pink (flamingos), and more monkeys. we then came to nairobi which is where we are now. hollie and i went shopping (thanks parents and in-laws for bday $) and then to my surprise came back to the guesthouse and bud had spent 2 1/2 hrs making me a cake! it was pretty sloppy but pretty with pink icing! the oven didnt work well is why it took so long. but it tasted yummy! today hollie and i are going to get our hair cut. its been AWHILE since we've done this. bud is going to take ian downtown to see all the big buildings and historic sites. then tomorrow we pick up our friends dalene and phil!!! so excited to see dalene. she was one of our interns last summer but has recently been married. more to come...


Jennifer said...

So glad you are having a great time tin Nairobi so far! I cant wait to hear about the rest of your trip! How was the haircut?! You look so beautiful in your pics! Love you!!

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