11 August 2008

For my mom!

This post is for my mom. She doesnt have internet and no longer checks email, so she goes to a friends house to look at our blog and read up. So here's some pictures just for you mom!! Love you!!! This first picture was just taken outside today. I think the shirt he has on makes him look a bit chubby! The next picture was this morning right after he woke up, still in pj's. Then the third one is of Violet and Elisha. Violet is our house help but mostly takes care of Elisha during the days. She's wonderful! Elisha gets enough love and hugs from her to hold him over till he sees you again. We practice everyday saying... 'momma' 'dada' 'grandma' and 'nene'. just found this morning a fourth tooth coming in! maybe even a fith one, not sure. Tomorrow we go to Nairobi, i think we might take Elisha for a swim if its warm enough. He still LOVES water.


Julie Hibbard said...

Hi Bud!
I met you at Sister Freda's a couple of weeks ago. I am Allison's mom and am praying for you! I found your blog while google-ing Sister Freda!
God bless you and Kimberly in all that you are doing!
Do you know how MY blog readers can make a donation to Sister Freda??

Jennifer said...

Can I just say that I love Elisha's onsie that says Id rather be naked!! Perfect!!

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