22 August 2008

waiting... waiting... and waiting

Still waiting for children to be able to come home to Mattaw. My heart aches everyday when I pray for the children that we've identified to put into Mattaw first. Their situations are ones that no child should ever be in. We justs ask for extra grace and protection for each one where they are now, trusting God will make a way soon. Aparently Tuesday an inspection group will come and inspect to give some sort of ok to bring in children. We hope!

This past week has been great. We picked up our friends, Dalene and Phil Hammer, in Nairobi last week and brought them here. Their time was short but we're so thankful to see them and get to spend some time with them. Dalene became a friend of mine last summer when she came as an intern. She found her love here in Kitale and now has come back married. So sweet! Phil, her husband, is the guy who did the documentary "glue boys". You can check it out at
www.glueboys.com. .

The main thing they came to do was make a documentary for a ministry up on Mt. Elgon called fruited plains. They have a blog but havent figured it out yet. Its such an incredible outreach where they helped feed and provide for thousands of families by starting them out with seed to plant in their fields. They got sick going up there but got everything accomplished and made it back. We spent a few days with them running around visiting people and ministries. One of the days we went back where the older street kids hang out. Some parts of it are a dump where there were people digging around for food. I definitely wouldnt of gone back there if we werent with Phil or if i had Elisha. We took the older guys to lunch with us at Boulevard, then Bud and Phil went back and brought them food. Bud gave a shared an encouragement with them. It turned out a bit chaotic but was good. Yesterday we started out by picking up Charles, Thomas and Jose. They're kids sponsored by people from saddleback church. Charles and Thomas are pretty famous. If you've seen glueboys, their story is on it. When they first found them they were living in the slums/dump with their mom. By the end of the documentary their mother passed away so they found a home for the boys and put them in school. It was sweet to get to hang out with them and bring them over to our house. They enjoyed watching movies and playing with Ian and Elisha. Ian goes to the same school as them so he was excited they came over to play. This morning Phil and Dalene left, boo, but we'll be excited to see them again in January when we visit Cali. Love you Dalene and thanks for staying with us!

below is bud and i with dalene and phil. the picture below that is thomas, charles, elisha, ian and jose at our house yesterday.

More to come...


goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

Dalene said...

we love you guys too. thanks for everthing. can't wait to see you in jan!!

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