10 August 2008


This is from last week. We doubled in size this week!

This was before church last week. Our little family. From left to right... Hollie, Ian, Bud, Me, Linda and Elisha.

What a refreshing morning it has been. We went out to Mattaw this morning for fellowship. It was so amazing. I loved the simplicity in it. We worshiped, laughed, cried, danced, prayed, shared testimonies, and learned. It was like what i imagined the first church in the new testament was like. We showed up with no agenda or religion, just a yearning and desire for the Lord to pour his presence on us and guide us. He was so gracious to do just that. The only time schedule we had was to start by 10 but from there we just did as we were led. Isaac mostly directed it. So not the typical westernized church! Bryson and Nelly came yesterday for prayers with Isaac and Vivian and stayed the night to join us this morning. I'm so challenged by how dedicated they are to the Lord and how closely they walk with Him. They prayed up till 11:30 last night asking the Lord for more of him on the property, for the fellowship this morning, for provision for the rest of Mattaw, answers with difficulties in our ministry, for open hearts, for restoration. Last week Isaac and Vivian had been praying for God to send the right woman to be their house help. She'll be the one to come and help clean, cook and take care of the children during the afternoons. At first Bud and I just thought to accept applications, find the one we think is in need of a job the most and has a vision for the project. Isaac and Vivian requested we give them a week to really pray about it. (this was definitely a better option!) So they prayed a God would bring the woman to visit. A few days later a woman, Constance, shows up. Super sweet lady. We had met her when the team was here, she had attended the teachings held there. Then Thursday night they were praying till night. That night Isaac dreamed that Constance came and brought her application. (end of dream) The next morning Isaac left early for Lemoru to plant in his farm so he didnt share the dream. That afternoon he came back and Vivian told him Constance came by that day and gave an application! So then he shares the dream with Vivian. Then this morning in fellowship Isaac shares all this and adds to it. He explains that he prayed God would give him one more confirmation just like Gideon had asked for and God gave. He prayed yesterday that God would send Constance one more time if she's suppose to work for Mattaw. Not sure if she was invited or not but then she comes to our fellowship this morning! So neat. So now we have Constance working for us. For three years she worked for white people in Nairobi, taking care of their children. She also worked in another children's home but for different reasons she moved back to this village with her family. We praise God for this testimony!

Tuesday we head to Nakuru, then Nairobi. Its my birthday Tuesday and we're also celebrating Ian's birthday this month. Bud, Hollie and Ian havent been on a safari yet so we're stoping in Nakuru for a game drive and stay the night. Then we'll go to Nairobi for a few days. One of our interns, Dalene, from last summer has been married since then and her and her husband are coming to visit for a week or so. They're mostly coming so that Phil can do some filming for an NGO on Mt. Elgon called fruited plains. I know Dalene really just wanted to come see me though! We'll pick them up and Nairobi and travel back with them on Saturday. It'll be a nice break for us all. I've been here over 3 yrs now, love it, its home, but sometimes you still need a break from everything. I dont feel overwhelmed with how busy we've gotten as far as ministry goes, but with the culture just need some time away. I'll sure be glad to get back though. I'm so thankful we dont live in Nairobi! Please pray for safe travels.
p.s. the title of this post is fellowship in swahili. its what we call our sunday morning meeting.


the chans said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly! I hope you have a great time in Nairobi. Wish we were there to celebrate with you - but I know you will enjoy family time.
I am so excited about the fellowship continuing. Yea God! Know that we are praying for you. Haven't read all your blogs yet, but I heard that Linda is sick - please send her our love and prayers and PLEASE let us know if we can do anything (personally). Also I have not forgotten about Linus, Violet and Jela (sp?) Have they gotten shoes yet? Please let me know either way . . . I want to make sure they get those.
Oh how I miss Kenya!
Everyone is busy here getting ready for the BIG IMAGINE/Mattaw event. Wow - you should see all that Krista is doing. Keep praying for others to see God's vision and want to be involved.
Love to you guys!

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